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6 year old+Flash=Bad

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This is what happens if you let a 6 year old make a movie with flash.


Crappy Animation, Funny Stuff

The animation is horribly crappy, and like the other reviewer, I don't believe a 6 year old knows who Mr. T is, but as crappy as it was, it was still funny.

I thought that was horrible

First off, I doubt that a 6 year old would know who Mr. T is, so i'm guessing that that was your own movie made to the full extent of your skills. Your skills, it seems, are pieces of crap that flout around in the toilet and bump into eachother. With that said, I have dinner to eat.

umm...that would be funny if I was a 6yr old...

But i'm not.

Cool! This Movie Rocks

Damn You know how to make movies!

That was funny!

That made me laugh alot, really funny. Good job at typos and graphics to make it look like a six year old did it! The end was pretty funny too.
Wait,did a six year old really do this?

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2.51 / 5.00

Nov 20, 2001
3:40 PM EST
Comedy - Original