How did megaman return?

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Contains the F word, the S word and some other words...
So if you're a 'OMG HE SWEARED OMGOMGOMG' person (see "anal person"), i suggest you don't see it.
The hatemail was real, but i changed the name of the hate mailes due to privacy stuff, i'm not a bad guy. :)

Almost all by me.
Voices by sonicmega
Music from Flashkit

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I miss Legends so much

Hey Mir@k, didn't know you had a newgorunds flash. Well, I wtach it, big surprise, and I enjoyed it. Happy to see Juno back, since he's cool. Nice job, too busy writing about Z? to add more.

good movie

i've never read any megaman comics or whatever i've only played the games, but some people have to be real nerds to care so much about that kind of thing

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Great movie!

I can't beleive how stupid and ignorant some peopl are. Yes Mega man and roll are brother and sister IN THE ORIGINAL SERIES!
In legends they're boyfriend and girlfriend or something of that matter pay attention to the story line of the games morons! A god megaman fan would know!
Great work on the movie though a little short, it was straight to the point.
Good work and keep it up.

Mirak responds:

We-ell, not really, they're just childhood friends, in the storyline, Barrel (Roll's grandpa) finds megaman in a ruin with Data the monkey, and they adopted him.

they're not blood related, they're not bound to familiar restrictions. ;)

To Juno

ok here my answer for how he got back HE JUST DID NO ONE NEEDS TO KNOW HOW HE GOT GEEZE its not like there gunna make a Megaman Legends 3 or anything god in heaven anywho im a Huge Fan of Megaman so if anyone who said bullshit about this then they can kiss my Tatoo emo balls and DUDE good work and also make a another one
where Torn finally said these word I still wanna fuck Megaman i wanna hear her say that at least geeze

Fyi plz tell those assholes to fuck off ur kewl cya
The warrior Called Tenao

Aaaaaaargh! *thump* I'm baaaack!

Absolutely... Just... brilliant... xD, swift simple answer, nice one, that ones gonna play in my head over and over now.

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