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Pico's Time Tank

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Author Comments

Merry Pico Day! Wait, did I get that right? Oh, and sorry about the file size, but we did a LOT of frame-by-frame in this cartoon.
*(Thanks for the Daily 1st, Newgrounds! This means a lot to us on Pico Day!)*

Pico gets mixed up in a trans- temporal-dimensional adventure.

Enjoy! By Julian and Swain.
Additional voices by Andy Dennis.
Music by The Swain.


Pretty good!

Overall pretty darn gd, loved the graphic styles an the ideas were awesome, but the sound was a little pathetic, needs to change between scenes i think. but ye well done!

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Let's get started

Let's give you guys a few comments before I hit the pros and cons, shall we? You were the last two people I expected to work together. What gave you the idea of team up? I mean, you guys are both one of my favorite authors - Swain for Blockhead, and Toonimated for Crows' life, Mario Reloaded, etc. You guys both rock in humor, but your style is a bit different. I never knew you guys would know each other, let alone work together. It's a strange world out there... o_o.

A. Graphics - They were above average, but not genuinely excellent. I've seen worse, but I've also seen better. Mark, I was quite impressed, though. Your graphics have improved immensely since your first Blockhead, and speaking of Blockhead, HURRY UP WITH THE 9TH ONE, IT'S BEEN AGES!!! :P

B. Sound - There was no voice acting, or if there were (maybe in the pirate scene), it wasn't very clear. The music, in my opinion was horrible. Oh God, it was torture. I couldn't stand it. I'm sorry.

C. Plot - Okay, I think this is what made me give it a relatively high score. It was well-developed and imaginative, but it was already used in your Time Squad. As for Toonimated - did you get the idea from Swain or did you come up with it? Actually... to rephrase the question, what gave you guys the idea to come up with the plot? Please don't tell me you got it from the Time Squad series...

d. Violence - Hmm... Mr. Swain... I seem to remember SOMEONE saying when SOMEONE created blockhead that the certain SOMEONE wanted to create animations that were free of violence. Hmm... HMM...? It was bloody, but a bit excessively so. Let me give you some good advice. Some amount of blood is bound to appease the audience. Too much would just make us want to gag. It's too exaggerated and too unrealistic.

E. Interactivity - Oh, it was definitely suspenseful. I congratulate you on that. It kept me on my toes for quite a long time, and there was not one scene where I didn't like. Nice job.

F. Character - Pico kicks ass, but he is not God. You made him seem like one. Most people agree with me that they dislike overly dominant protagonists. You made him kill a big-ass demon, you made him kill a city full of werewolves, and you made him destroy an entire pirate crew, etc. Wow. He didn't even get scratched. That was the one element other than sound that I utterly hated.
Other than that though, you could've added other pico characters. So far, I've seen two. Pico, and his girl. What happened to the other characters? I was hoping you'd portray them, too.

G. Extra Stuff - You added in little spices to the scenes. I liked that. Blockhead never seems to die, and I don't think he died when he got blown up along with the rest of the pirate crew.


1. Please, PLEASE add a scene selector. PLEASE. It's easy. Add a "Pico meets time tank", "Pico meets demons", "Pico's Matrix Scene", "Pico vs Pirates", etc.

2. Who made which scene? I know that Mark made the Pirate Scene (It was obvious since Blockhead appeared). I don't know about the rest. Or did you guys pitch in a bit in every scene?

3. How did you come up with the plot? Where do you get these ideas?

4. Any hopes of Blockhead getting killed? (No... I guess not =P, Actually, don't you dare. He is the one character I don't want to die)

5. Why did you make Blockhead appear, but didn't make his conscience appear?

6. Are you making other Pico Day themed flash submissions?

7. Mark, can you PLZ make another Blockhead movie. I loved Time Squad...

8. I hope you guys forgive me for these off-topic questions.

Anyway, thanks for those enjoyable few minutes of my time. I guess they weren't utterly a waste after all.


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Thatwas like one of the best movies i have seen since learning about newgrounds!!!

tottaly incredible!

pico is my hero and this flash was well worth my attention,violence graphics and sound were perfect,i liked the pirate scene the most,and hell yeah that was blockhead blown up in that ship :D

The-Swain responds:

Hahaha, yesss :D

swain ftw

This was good, nice graphics and it was well animated
and i think i saw blockhead on the pirateship :P

The-Swain responds:

Yep, first submission on NG where I'm an author and didn't even draw Blockhead myself :D

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Credits & Info

4.23 / 5.00

Apr 29, 2007
10:53 PM EDT
  • Frontpaged April 30, 2007
  • Daily Feature May 1, 2007
  • Weekly 4th Place May 2, 2007