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Mortal Kombat: Khaos

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I've been lazy latley, so I'm getting back in the groove with a little MK Kollection of mine. I originally had a longer one, but it didn't feel,.. well funny. So enjoy!

Medium quality suggested*

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Question mark kreepy IT DANCING BANANA THINGY

it wuz aight

it aight but you could have done more funny part wuz when noob saibot hit scorpion in the nuts

more people please

can you please make another one but on the next one have a little more characters. and shang sung was probaly the funnyest. jax was like OMG!!!!!! its roland. ha ha ha ha ha. i didnt understand what ronald said but it sounded funny. i think he said OHHHHH LIKE I. anyway. its funny.

cool one

that was a pretty nice MK animation. Khaos is a major understatement for this animation here, but it was definitely quite good. i think that it could've used a little bit more action in it, but it did have some nice moves in it, good humour and nice usage of MK overall.

ChaosCriticisor responds:

I just used "Khaos" to make the name fancier. But I aimed for what you said it was. A few funny parts, cool moves, etc.

So Thanks!

curse u liu kang and ps3

and i know wat im talkin about as im a mk fan but you should improve jax's fatality and make it longer but that was a very good mk collection watch this or die!!!!!!!!!!!!!