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Anti Virus 2 - BETA 1

rated 2.29 / 5 stars
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Apr 29, 2007 | 7:34 AM EDT

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Alot like the first, but i added a few more weapons. There is also a boss level.

I like reviews!



Rated 3 / 5 stars

It's Okay

Unlike the person below me, I don't think this is frontpage worthy. There is also much improvement that can be made.

Could you add other icons for viruses? For example, you could create some for the most common viruses on the web today. Then, instead of just shooting a red windowns icon, you would be shooting any actualy infection. Doing that would make it look awesome!

For the guns, instead of having actual guns, could you try creating them to represent current Antivirus software on the market? Having the guns symbolize certain programs would be awesome. AVG, Ad-Aware, Synmatic, ect.

Those are both graphical improvements.

Could you add some more powerups though?

Shield: Creates a true Firefall around the computer destroying the first virus that hits it. After that it disapears.

Mine Freeze: Stops the mines' movement for 10 seconds.

BTW: Instead of calling it Anti-Virus 3, call it Anti-Virus 2, Beta 2.

Take any suggestion you want. You don't have to do any of them, but they would make the game look and play better.

*Made Highscore List tieing with first place.*


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Nice game.

It's always good to see people improving on their previous pieces of work, and this is a great improvement.

I think it is a good game, which is 'front page' worthy - if you could just fix a few things.

I don't particularly think the previous suggestion of a 'High Score' board will help, but i think, if you just lay it out a bit nicer.

Make the menu's be simple, with perhaps like... challenges? Like 'Shoot the limewire virus that will fly past' or 'Shoot 100 red windows icons in 2 minutes'. Stuff like that (you could have the normal game ontop i suppose).

And make the game a bit more laid out. For example, don't have too much going on at once, just have your gun, and the things floating past. Thats it (maybe a timer of course).

Finally, i think perhaps just a few cutscenes of animation -

And then you've got something front page worthy.

If this review is sounding critical, i apologise, it's not meant to be.

You've got a good talent for making games, keep it up. I look forward to seeing your further work and improvements.

Gary Marston

sambondashus responds:

thanks for the ideas, i will keep all this in mind when (if) i make an anti virus 3.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I liked it

It was pretty good. Definitely better than the previous one you submitted. Anyway, a high score table would definitely be good for the 3rd one. I thought you could have made the "viruses" look a little better though. What you have is understandable, but I thought something a little more creative could be put in there. Also, the sound effects for the weapons weren't all that good. They sounded like some children's play toys.

All-in-all nice work. Keep working at it and hopefuly you will come out with many more of these and/or other submissions!

sambondashus responds:

thanks for the review, and i will try to improve on some areas.