Zelda: UO Epis:4

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This is the BETA version of Zelda UO.

To follow the final version of the story, visit us here: www.whookos.com



I haven't your stuff in a while but that was excellent!
I really can't wait for the next one! Such a great cliffhanger!

Love it

All you need to do is improve the graphics and everyone one will love this. I can see why you don't though. You have some sequences that most animators don't want to attempt , because of all the detail needed to put in, but remember you don't as much detail when they're doing those action moves, because everything's blurry.

I like how you used the real battle grunts for Link, it sounds different to his voice yet it somehow fits.

More awesome than I thought!

This episode was more awesome than I thought at first and it was amazing!

Graphics and story were great and also that Twilight Princess video clip fitted there perfectly in my opinion.

Not much other things to say, but this definitely deserves 5/5 from me!
Cant wait for the next episode!

Pretty good.

Your animation skills, as well as your use of humour and your unique style when it comes to the Zelda: UO series are all quite good. What you need to focus on now is sound. A couple of points here. One, Saria's voice lacks character at some points. Sometimes it's pretty good, but sometimes (example: the line "Oh. Have fun, then!") it lacks expression, the voice lacks emphasis where it is needed and the voiceactor does not use intonation effectively at certain points - the end result is that she sounds like she's just reading off of the paper, rather than actually getting into her character. She might need to work a little on that. Two, the sound effects. I think a lot of people have probably said this already, but I think it would be better if you refrained from using soundbites from the Zelda games for Link's kiai (shouting). See if you can do your own shouting using your own voice (if you can't, just stick with the soundbites).

Aside from that, this series is turning out fairly well, and I look forward to the final episode of this chapter.

Finally! Another episode is here! ^_^

Been waiting for awhile now for the new episode, and I've got to say, the series so far has been quite awesome.

At first, when I saw the first episode, it was too short, so I was wondering how the series would be since it only gave a small taste of what it was going to be like, and later on, it got more interesting, and even more interesting, to the point where it just got me psyched to watch each episode.

Storyline was awesome! Set in the lands of Kokiria, who are the descendants of Kokiri. Oh man, being a LoZ fan made this so much more interesting as well. ^_^ Now with Dark Link around, who knows what will happen. O_O

The graphics were pretty darn alright, but it seemed like things were going by too fast at some points, not the actual actions that were supposed to be happening, but the timing between each action. For instance, when Link is sitting in his room and Diggs comes out of nowhere to talk to him, it was like almost an instant and it ended in an instant, which kind of took me by surprised.

Hmm, I don't know how to describe it, but watching this series thus far kind of gives me a strange nostalgic feeling. It's like watching one of your favorite, or just a downright awesome anime series, and wanting to watch more, even though it's already done. I wish I knew how to describe it. T_T

Since you said in the author comments that you're coming out with another episode, I'm absolutely looking forward to seeing it. :D I hope it really does fill in the gaps and satisfies my thirst for some awesome story plots. ^_^ (It probably will. :P )

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