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Suprise Surprise!! I added a new Malon Henati pic! Enjoy hehe

If you want the cheats, just check the reviews. Alot of people have written them down so check toroughly.

EDIT 5: Thanks alot to everyone for helping this get 1kk views!!

NOTE: if the battle music keeps looping, just press the mute button on the music box.

EDIT: Thanks alot for 5th guys :)

Hi everyone! Long time no see! First of all, the preloader takes a while to show up, so be patient.

This has to be the submission that I have lost the most sleep on, the longest one it has taken me to make, and many other sacrifices I forgot. I started making this on August 31, 2006. Nearly 8 months later, I am finally done. I lost about 3-4 months of work due to many problems in my life. So technically it took me 4-5 months to make this :)

This is massive. I committed myself to making a very interactive world where you can do alot of stuff that you can't on other sims. You play as link and have to conquer the hearts of 5 girls. Move with the arrow keys or the WASD keys and press space to interact with things. Check everything that you think you can use around the world, and maybe something will pop up!

Though I did everything by myself, I have to thank 23450 for helping me out on scripting problems. 8 months of wait, my biggest and best submission is finally here! Enjoy, my friends!


hehe pretty nice game but could have more endings

What I want to know is what are the cheats?

A$ a Crazy Drunk, I f33l DIZkrimnat'D BI This Gaem, NAW A$$'$ Throw Bombz, Shoot Arrowz and Slash Swordz at me, only TU RAIZ DER Strenth And Tcharm... Horibel...

Okay, jokes aside, I think the game is fun, the art is nice and sexy and it's quite funny to exploit the bugs and abuse them.
Well, I may think too much into this but the Ghetto-speak and the fact that AIDS are known are a bit abrasive... Well, I did lost my first run because of it...
But still it was quite a fun time 4/5

Cool game, but what's with all the obnoxious emoticons?

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okay, good game, bad ending. I mean, i dated zelda, and died a virgin with aids. WHAT? Suggestion: if you have sex with the girl whilst a girlfriend, you will die. If you marry them, no problem, hense making the game infinite, and make the sex more detailed when married. Also, if you flirt with another girl when you already have a girlfriend, add some angry dialog from both girls and 2 hard battles back to back. If you lose either of them, you cannot date anymore, and you lose. If you win, you can only date the three remaining girls. Just some suggestions. Aside from the stds, this was actually a pretty good game.

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4.38 / 5.00

Apr 28, 2007
3:40 PM EDT
Simulation - Dating
  • Daily 5th Place April 29, 2007