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Suprise Surprise!! I added a new Malon Henati pic! Enjoy hehe

If you want the cheats, just check the reviews. Alot of people have written them down so check toroughly.

EDIT 5: Thanks alot to everyone for helping this get 1kk views!!

NOTE: if the battle music keeps looping, just press the mute button on the music box.

EDIT: Thanks alot for 5th guys :)

Hi everyone! Long time no see! First of all, the preloader takes a while to show up, so be patient.

This has to be the submission that I have lost the most sleep on, the longest one it has taken me to make, and many other sacrifices I forgot. I started making this on August 31, 2006. Nearly 8 months later, I am finally done. I lost about 3-4 months of work due to many problems in my life. So technically it took me 4-5 months to make this :)

This is massive. I committed myself to making a very interactive world where you can do alot of stuff that you can't on other sims. You play as link and have to conquer the hearts of 5 girls. Move with the arrow keys or the WASD keys and press space to interact with things. Check everything that you think you can use around the world, and maybe something will pop up!

Though I did everything by myself, I have to thank 23450 for helping me out on scripting problems. 8 months of wait, my biggest and best submission is finally here! Enjoy, my friends!


How I interact

So I had some one drop to -75 when they got mad. I talked until she went over 200 and when i hit "ask" She started scrolling thru all her character models and dialog boxes. Not sure how many of those details are relevant , but I could try testing it further.

haha .. i thought this game has no ending .. un-excepted ending .. good game bro .. thumbs up~~

This game is sure something.

If you want to rise your states just put all your points in strength and fight the "Crazy Drunk" all over agein for Strenght and Charisma. Or just use the password (tiskewl) to skip all the grinding.

Then talk to the girls. After the state of the girl rised you can "Ask" her to rise your relationship level with them. After a while you can date them and if you pass this (better note any hobbys or interests they tell yoiu, because in the date you better know) you have the "girlfriend" state.
You can visit the one in her house. After a while talking there you can be privat with her. And after your relationship state reaches a certain number (I believe 9000) the game ends and the ending sequence triggers.

Zelda (from pretty much every Zelda game)
Malon and Saria (from Ocarina of Time)
Din (Oracle of Seasons)
Nayru (Oracle of Ages)

It is pretty much your standard Sim game featuring a lot of grinding and a stamina system for no reason but to waste your time.

What makes the otherwice sort of there game memorizable is the ending. AIDS? Seriously? And also with characters from the Zelda universe? Oh dear, no!

It is not even an alternate ending as a punishment if you were privat with the wrong girl or too many of them. You can also (if you are patient enough and go for it) trigger the ending by just talking to the girls and never be privat with them at all which does not realy make any sense.

I give you points for your advert of programing this yourself. Though it tends to be buggy with the "Crazy Drunk" fight. After you fleed from him the music goes on for example.
And it is certainly enoying if he randomly fights when you enter the bar and you lose your stamina after you defeat him. That is pretty much the same result as if he defeats you and sends you back to your bed. Why wouldn´t you enter the bar but to use stamina for things? Only to lose them no matter if you defeat the random encoiunter with the "Crazy Drunk" or not?

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With easily available cheat codes, limited images, and a whole lot of grinding, this game hasn't aged very well. (And don't get me started on the ending.)

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Apr 28, 2007
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Simulation - Dating
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