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Happy Pico Day, everyone. I will be away on Pico Day, so I have to submit this today. I have no drawing tablet whatsoever, and it's all mouse. I wish I had one.

Pico tries out his skills as a Flash Samurai in this music video for Pico Day. If you are wondering, a Flash Samurai is a fighter in the game "Sabermania", sort of like a jedi knight.


Pico samurai was awesome

Loved the graphics and the song went really well with it and Pico in a trenchcoat was cool too.


This was a really neat idea for a flash, it was original and it was fun to watch. Nontheless, it wasn't that bad at all, the graphics were cool and they were detailed and I really rather enjoyed the submission. The storyline was nice and I really liked it for the most part, it was original and it brought a new sense of style to pico. Nice work.

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not very good

Didn't like it. The style was not to my liking, the movement was slow and stiff, and the music was too upbeat. It sounded far too happy for a ninja fight, and reminded me of an 80's cartoon end theme song, you know like some show about magic lemurs who use smiles to brighten the world lol or whatever.

Anyway, I liked the idea, but I think it coulda been executed better.


Great movie... it needed a more eye catching ending though... and it was 2 short


It was a good sumbmission way better than what i have tried with my flashes i made at home but he was not a samari he was a ninja light saber = katana witch ninjas used samrais used heavier swords

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3.44 / 5.00

Apr 28, 2007
12:20 PM EDT
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