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Flash Samurai Pico

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Happy Pico Day, everyone. I will be away on Pico Day, so I have to submit this today. I have no drawing tablet whatsoever, and it's all mouse. I wish I had one.

Pico tries out his skills as a Flash Samurai in this music video for Pico Day. If you are wondering, a Flash Samurai is a fighter in the game "Sabermania", sort of like a jedi knight.

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Ey not bad

Why the heck isn't the score higher? I admit that it's probably too short. It's not the greatest Pico cartoon. It still has nice animation. The music is very fitting too. My favorite bit is probably how Pico is drawn.

He's always pretty awesome. From the title, I thought this would be a game. You know, the "flash" title. Hey, maybe it would make a good game. Samurai are quite cool.


Did you imagine PICO a samurai? Damn.


the flash was good the animation good the graphics good the only thing that make my review a five was that the blood looks like diarrea


I thought Pico was cool, but the 'Samurai Pico' looked like a fag.

Honestly, some of the ninja moves were cool, if you are into japanimation. Sigh.