"Get A God" #4

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It doesn't matter how many Arms you've got collected, it matters what your hands Do With Them.

If you like what you see and want to be updated when I'm releasing something new, add me to your fav authors list and I'll drop you a PM personally.

Review if you can - I spend way too much time reading and replying to them all, and they're the only feedback I get. So I love them!

Sorry about the wait guys, I've redesigned the character models slightly and revamped the animation style so it's now a lot smoother and more natural (I think). Also, this was the first script I wrote, but I rewrote it about 8 times before this was released. I think this is probably the funniest one I've written, but then again it's hard to tell, what with the amount of times I've had it running through my head.

I'm getting quite insecure about the quality of my writing of late, but at the moment I'm just putting it down to a bit of burnout. I've got an awesome guest writer for the bonus ep, which is coming out as part of the Director's Cut in a few weeks, so that takes some of the strain off, but I'm eager to move onto a new project for a bit. That's not to say this series is over, it's just I reckon they'd be even better if I took a bit to refresh with something completely different.

So it's a relief to have finally got this done. I had it done about 4 days ago, but I remade it because I thought it was rubbish. I ended up making huge changes. So let me know what you think, I love hearing from you guys.


excellent series.

i see someone feels the way i do.

Very cool ^_^

I've started watching these and they're hilarious, I can't wait to see more ^_^

You know what.

I'll keep coming back to watch your shorts, but so many reviewers are talking about religion, and I keep answering and sometimes (by that I mean, most of the time) poking fun at Christians and Aethiests. That is just boring, and gets annoying too.
I'm going to vote, and read a few reviews then leave, cause I can think of so many ways to unintentionally insult one of your Christian or Atheist commenter's. On that note, I propose this is the last review of mine that has the words "Christian" or "Atheist".

Oh yeah, and I give this a perfect score too.


this is a great flash. i can aggree with the cdoncept you are aiming at. im a christian, but i know that alott of us are very close-minded and like to fuck with other people who arent christian. i found this flash hilarious

Closed Minded Christians

Hi, I'm an Atheist, and I just wanted to say I love your animation series "Get A God". I have come across many closed minded Christians in my life and I must say they are some of the most self contradiction people I know. This series truly brings to life all my observations and I'm really looking forward to more posts. All my friends love your work too. Please find your inspiration to make another one soon.

On a side note, I liked the voice acting of the Christian in the first episode the most.

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3.10 / 5.00

Apr 28, 2007
4:06 AM EDT
Comedy - Original