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"Get A God" #4

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It doesn't matter how many Arms you've got collected, it matters what your hands Do With Them.

If you like what you see and want to be updated when I'm releasing something new, add me to your fav authors list and I'll drop you a PM personally.

Review if you can - I spend way too much time reading and replying to them all, and they're the only feedback I get. So I love them!

Sorry about the wait guys, I've redesigned the character models slightly and revamped the animation style so it's now a lot smoother and more natural (I think). Also, this was the first script I wrote, but I rewrote it about 8 times before this was released. I think this is probably the funniest one I've written, but then again it's hard to tell, what with the amount of times I've had it running through my head.

I'm getting quite insecure about the quality of my writing of late, but at the moment I'm just putting it down to a bit of burnout. I've got an awesome guest writer for the bonus ep, which is coming out as part of the Director's Cut in a few weeks, so that takes some of the strain off, but I'm eager to move onto a new project for a bit. That's not to say this series is over, it's just I reckon they'd be even better if I took a bit to refresh with something completely different.

So it's a relief to have finally got this done. I had it done about 4 days ago, but I remade it because I thought it was rubbish. I ended up making huge changes. So let me know what you think, I love hearing from you guys.


Utter Rubish.

I myself am an atheist. But that is not the problem with this movie. It was too short to be good. "I'ma kill you" was funny, but that was it. It ended before it got good at all. The graphics were contradicting. The faces were well made, but the bodies were terrible. They looked like one huge blob with a head on it. That's about it.

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Cambo responds:

You've put some work into this review, so I'll respond as best I can.

You're saying you're an Atheist. That's fantastic. I don't, though, see how it relates to the quality of the film.

I don't see how graphics can contradict - they're consistently styled throughout, and whilst you say they looked like one huge blob with a head on it, they've actually got arms and legs and hands and feet, with a head attached (just like you, I'm guessing). And if that's part of the style I'm going for, and it's consistent, then there's nothing contradictory about it at all.

I'm sorry you didn't find it funny, but I don't see how that influences the 'Sound' or the 'Style' mark, which you've given a 2.

And you say the film was too short to be good - it's about 40 seconds, and you got a laugh out of it. So I definitely don't think that's a bad average, a laugh every 40 seconds. I'm happy with that.

You make no mention to the underlying ideas of the film, so I'm going to guess you didn't get it.

An utterly 'rubish', tendentious review.
But I'm glad you signed it.

"and ima kill you!"

Even thou im not a very religious man i like Get A God... theyre always funny... Keep it up!

Cambo responds:

Cool mate, glad you liked it.


wow. using a reference to the mac/pc commercial and making it better. not much to say other than 5/5

Cambo responds:

Thanks mate, glad you liked it. And, can I say, I'm glad the guy who made 'Sedition' likes my film.

Check out my others in the series if you're interested.

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3.10 / 5.00

Apr 28, 2007
4:06 AM EDT
Comedy - Original