Zombie Jones: Origin

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The very first in what I hope will be a long running series. This is the episode that explains the origins of our title character. Sit back, enjoy, and let me know what you think of the movie.


Just caught this after "Bags of Happiness)

After seeing Bags of Happiness, I had to see your other stuff. You haven't made all that many toons, but man, you improved fairly fast with each one. I'm impressed! :-) The style you've developed isn't just a carbon copy of everyone else's "Hello Kitty" or "The Simpsons" style - it's definitely original. I'd encourage you to pursue animation not only with the sense of humor you have (which is great!), but also seriously (in a way). I think you could go far with it - if you haven't already. :-)

thejuiceizloose responds:

We have a few serious films in the works, but there is no time frame for when they will be produced. They are all in their conceptual stage at the moment, and hopefully we will get more time in the near future to work on them. I appreciate you checking out some of my older work. I am not sure if many people take the time to do something like that.

Great Zombie Story, great ideas

Cool Style on this video, having all what a good animation needs; Graphic, Sounds, Fluid story line, etc. The way that one of the characters is narrating the whole story is a good technique that you use in an excellent way, and who is the guy that the truck driver took from the desert in the beginning of the video??????, well dude, keep up the good work!


thejuiceizloose responds:

Thanks for the compliment bud. To answer your question, the guy in the desert is supposed to be you, the viewer. Which is why we never really see his face, and it's why we have a first person perspective when he enters the truck. I just wanted to give the impression that the truck driver was telling the story directly to you.

V. good.

I did enjoy this. I haven't seen the rest of the Zombie Jones stuff, but I definetly will now.

And so ACCURATE on Bob Dylan. It's like his biography in flash...

thejuiceizloose responds:

I tried to capture the essence of Bob Dylan by getting as high as possible, then
talking incoherently to everyone I met. Other than a bit of brain damage as a result of the excessive drug use, I think it was well worth it.

"The crowd seems a little dead"

I have seen literally hundreds of Flashes here on Newgrounds. Thi may be one of only two or three that has ever made me laugh out loud. Awesome. Funny. A rare five for you.

thejuiceizloose responds:

Thanks. I appreciate the compliment. Even though the animation may not be the best, I was hoping the humor would win people over.


Fantastic movie dude. I'm utterly impressed, I seriously cannot wait for the sequel. I really like your animation skills, I wish I could draw backgrounds as detailed as you man. Keep up the good work... you get my 5.

thejuiceizloose responds:

Hopefully I can have the sequel out within the next four or five months. Just depends on what type of time constraints I have to work with. Thanks for the compliments.

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Apr 27, 2007
11:29 PM EDT
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