3 Brothers: Llamas Pilot

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A series, starts here...


Nice use of sound

I like the choice of music for this submission.

Please put more time into the actual film. What we get is a very nice introduction and then a loop of llama faces and noises.

Please take a little more time and make an actual movie.

A chance to interact

I gives the people, who don't like the jokes in the portal, a chance to interact - that is, if you choose them!
Great style, and as a reviewer (flash by thongsala: none) I thank you for that chance!
Hope you get a lot PM's with some good jokes!

I speak llama

They're saying that you need to get over yourself and make actual content.

I honestly don't understand the drive to make these "hah! This isn't an actual flash movie, it's 2 frames of me saying sucker" flashes. They usually get blammed, nobody likes them, and you seem like a twit.

The rules say I need to be constructive, so I will say this; you seem to have actual artistic talent, or at least more than some flash people. If you actually did a flash movie, I'd bet that it'd be pretty good.

321 responds:

If I could speak Llama, it would have been longer. It's the pilot!

Ok.. i dont speak lama and that was pointless

three lamas standing with some animal sounds not cool needs a better plot too

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1.77 / 5.00

Apr 25, 2007
9:49 PM EDT