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Try and become a millionaire in this fun little supermarket simulator. We've been working very hard on this and it is something I've always wanted to do. Please review and PM me if you have any queries

Coding by Matthew Shaile
Art by Eduardo Mojica and Sarah Blount
Check out www.rustyarcade.com



This is Good Than NG CARD GAME

Interesting to master at first.


1. Price per unit goes down from 1 to 35. After that, it gradually rises. Buying in lots of 50 or 100 is increasingly (though slightly) more expensive; buying in lots of 35 is the optimal price.

2. Once you "beat" the system, there's nothing much to do other than keep track of inventory turns and reorder when you can, plus incremental upgrades to the size of your storage and quality of food.

3. It might be nice if there were events to make things challenging. Some "chance" cards where you might be given a choice on what to do. Cleanup on aisle 4. An armed robbery. A crying spoiled brat that knocks over some fruit. An employee might need to be fired or kept on, depending on the manager's choice. Perhaps someone gets sick from bad meat?

4. It might be nice if the manager themselves had some skills that could be upgraded. Management skill might keep employee morale high. Marketing savvy attracting more spontaneous purchases.

5. Perhaps also add axioms of employee quality/grade as well as customer satisfaction.

The game is a good basis for a simple microeconomic simulation, yet still it leaves out the additional challenges that might make for a fun game.

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Good Game

I thought it was a great game. Just two points I'd like to make. First, I would like a save function, it's a long game, and to just play for hours on end it not as fun, so a save would be nice. Secondly, I like that there was a mute button but it did not mute everything, it would be nice if it did. Besides these two points I thought it was a great game. A second edition would be nice.

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Very addicting, with a few small problems

SuperManager is a very addicting game, very fun, but I found a few things I didn't like about it. For one, I wish the game had a save feature. I got $500,000, but I had to get off the computer. Also, I think more upgrades should be added. For example, once I got shelves to 100 capacity, and got enough money to support my store, it was boring. I just had to sit back and watch, and refill the shelves once in a while.

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Awesome game concept with some interface issues

This had me more interested in a Flash game than I've been in a good while. I love sim style games, and this does an awesome job at bringing the Sims to the grocery store.

That said, I got involved enough to be pretty irritated by some interface issues. The warehouse / shelf windows shouldn't cover up the amount of money one currently has. I constantly had to move the window to the upper left-hand corner to see my $. Also, scrolling through the list of grocery items was terrible. Since there was a time-based scroll, I couldn't click through the items rapidly and there was no scroll bar to let me jump from one end to the other. Cringe-inducing!

Also: we need a save game feature!

Also, is there any penalty for not putting the price on everything as high as possible? I thought at first that my store wouldn't be as popular if I went to the highest price possible, but since I started just cranking up all prices right away, my store's always been very successful. Seems like it should be easier to fail by making prices high on non-upgraded items.

I, too, was a bit sad that the game peters out once one gets shelves to 100 capacity. Not much to do but put it on 2x, refill the shelves every so often, and sit back. What if there were super luxury options that one could upgrade once one hit that level? The kind that turn a Safeway into a Wegmans? Customer service upgrades, exotic produce, upgrade cart size, additions to the store (another row of shelves)... in-store coffee shop!

All in all, you should take all these thoughts as high praise of a very successful and engaging game shell.

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3.81 / 5.00

Apr 25, 2007
5:46 PM EDT
Simulation - Job