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Quota System in InAction

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Apr 25, 2007 | 10:23 AM EDT

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***I got this in my inbox. I swear, I couldn't stop laughing. It's like she's a five year old little girl! And then, she says I need re-education. I think you're the one who needs help, babycakes. Try sucking my cock. That'll shut you up good ;D***

Are you sure you want to start this fight little boy? Be forewarned that if you say yes, nothing will be held back. I will psychoanalyze you, and will post my findings on the forums for all to see your innermost secrets. You may have been able to frustrate and anger high schoolers and my-space zombies, but you will find me far beyond your sphere of influence. So I ask you again, what is your choice?
Will you respond, or ignore me, you could follow my advice and seek professional help, as you certainly seem to need it. You are clearly delusional as I live rather far away from you and it would be physically impossible for you to distinguish any kind of smell or pheromone from that distance, also scent doesn't carry through email or the telephone. Furthermore the human olfactory lobe is not sensitive enough to detect the presence of specific pheromones, in fact, we cannot tell the difference between pig pheromones and human pheromones.

Once again I ask you for your own sake to give up this fruitless crusade of yours, and to seek help.
The Lone Reviewer

***It's good to see I can reach out and touch someone like that! Well, let the psycho-analysis begin. I am quite psycho, so that shouldn't be too hard, though then again, you being the whore you are, you might have stopped at the word hard and magically teleported to the nearest jock's apartment to land his cock in your filthy smelly cochie!
I know you're a whore, but seriously, have you ever orgasmed in your entire normal, bland, dull existence? And if so, I won't believe you until you describe it in excruciating detail ;D And even then, I might need photo-evidence to further your point ;D***

This is a video of a few college girls - that's right, these people are in college and not an asylum somewhere - showing off their true selves for the world to see. A few people who did not make the cut will follow, and though they come from different times, the injustices they faced were similiar, albiet the ones of modern society are quite magnified - being taught in our schools through the lopsided anti-male system with such efficiency as to put the Furher to shame. Captions are included, and most of the captions come with a next button which appears on the bottom right corner of the presentation. This presentation includes videos, pictures, and captions, allowing an integrated interpretation of the media. Be sure to visit my site at for more of this insanity.



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this could have had been funny but

your a goddam bastard and a retro minded discriminationist, yes i'm making up words deal with it.
seriously most of the pictures and vids were nothing more than teenagers being teenagers and thank freaking god for that , we all would complaing if they acted diferently, colege is also a life experience, and as any experience it should be lived to the fullest, yes sometimes girls make fools of themselves so what? we guys do too hell we go over the top most of the times, but its all good, its funny , goofy, cute, whatever its colege life baby, the time of your life were you are supose to test your limits, its life you old hag, its not our fault that your life sucks and you didn't get to be part of the great colege life, so suck it up butercup aand stop winning and blamming others for your mistakes or you will end up with thousands of feet up your ass, heh youd probably like that .
so resuming, nice funny pics and vids but your coments and intentions are just retarded and discriminative, stop that and admit that guys fuck up too and you might deserve to live, just barely
ps: no i'm not sorry for any typo, its my own goddam right to make them


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"Mature. I'm 18, and I just don't conform to your fucking conformist little agenda. That doesn't make me immature.
And if women have it so bad, they should show it. Don't poison the minds of the general public by acting like a ditsy whore. Then they think that you're somehow better than them..."




Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Quotas aren't good for anyone

But you do realize that colleges and universities nationwide are getting rid of quotas? I haven't the time to continue posting extensive reviews for your flashes, but I admire your attempts, even if they are futile.

Let the adults talk, kid.

doubtfish responds:

Mature. I'm 18, and I just don't conform to your fucking conformist little agenda. That doesn't make me immature.
And if women have it so bad, they should show it. Don't poison the minds of the general public by acting like a ditsy whore. Then they think that you're somehow better than them...


Rated 2 / 5 stars

But it isn't just women.

The quota system also makes it sure to take in 'X' number of virtually every minority, but not too many whites, males, asians, etc.

It's not so much a matter of stupid girls getting passes into college, it's a matter of the college wanting props from the moronic general public who thinks that a college is sexist if they're only 45% female. Generally, a smart college admissions office would want to keep the enrollment slightly over half female.

Idiots are going to get into college. It isn't just the women, it's everyone. The average person today goes to college, but the average person is also a fool. Your point isn't complete unless you encompass the full scale of the problem, and it's source. It isn't the student's fault, not even the college's fault. It's the general public's fault for taking up the pro-minority stance. The pro-minority stance essentially results from the backlash to the thinking of previous times, political correctness.

But then, this surge of ass-kissing for minorities is really just a superficial shell that masks societies still-existing prejudices. The prejudice just manifests itself in more hypocritical way. A lot of people still hate women, blacks, Jews, etc., but not many sat so anymore, after all, that would be politically incorrect, wouldn't it. They use this trend of pro-minority thinking as a way of removing their guilt (if they have any), and to serve as their pitiful bower of self-satisfaction, and public acceptance, as we all run around in our hypocritical little hole called America.

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doubtfish responds:

Deep. Good review.


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This flash proves nothing but the fact your an egotistical a$$. You single out the women but you exclude the fact that guys in college act just as bad. Half these pictures are not even bad. It just shows some girls having fun and maybe some may have drank a little bit before they took the pictures. Guys in college do equally stupid things when they have drank. These pictures don't prove that they are stupid. Maybe you just made this flash because your mad that girls did better then you in college or maybe you didnt even get into college and you got mad because the girls that you probably thought you were better then them got in.

doubtfish responds:

You are well conditioned ;-)