Clock Suckers Episode 2

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Clock Suckers Episode 2: Ben Franklinstein

Episode 3 premieres on CollegeHumor.com on this week



that was awesome!!!!

nothing more funny than someone getting his butt turned into a power socket!!
interactivity: 4, beause of the play-button, the rest is bewteen 9 and 10

by the way: is that girl for real? i like her... in fact, i think i'm in looooooove... i'd like to turn her into my power socket ;)

Simply... amazing.

I realize that you'll probably NEVER see this review, but I felt compelled to write one anyway, Who knows? Maybe you'll see it

What can i possibly say about this flash in praise that hasn't been said already? Unlike a lot of the other extremely popular flashes that dive into so much detail your eyes bleed at the overbeauty, I love how you managed to attain that same sense of humous with a simpler drawing style that perfectly matched the mood. I can honestly say there wasn't a single moment during that movie that i considered or THOUGHT about doing something else; I was hooked, and was determined to see it to the end.

All the characters were well voiced, and again, the humour was well placed and in an adequate amount. i really am so impressed with your work. Amazing, amazing job, and I look forward to seeing your future creations. :3

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Parks2 responds:

Hey thanks for the nice review- we appreciate it...and eventhough I'm responding to the review...somehow we still have NEVER seen it.

Thanks again


does any one else get what the guy bellow me is talking about?? these guys are awesome!! 10 all the way!!!!

sill stinker fitta

it was pretty sick xD but funny and good...


erm when the guys(and kate) go back time that flying dog thing says "there gonna be gone for a while" but if they where gonna go back in time then come to the present wouldnt they just come back in a instant. breack out those fire works cause i found a plothole!!!!

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Apr 24, 2007
8:13 PM EDT
Comedy - Original