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1a2: The Hideous Plot

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Okay, I fixed the preloader. God I can be an idiot sometimes.

We had to split this episode cause of problems with syncing sound. As such, 1a1 should be watched immediately before this. It's a total inconvenience and we'll probably be downvoted for it, but y'know. We know for next time. Keep it under 18fps, kids.
Hi, our first submission. The first part of the first episode of a hopefully-series called Team Excellent. Involves superheroes. About 8 minutes long; had some serious trouble with sound sync but we've managed to mostly fix it by splitting the movie in two and calling the second half externally. Not sure whether NG allows that though, so if this suddenly disappears, that'll be why ;) Warning! Contains atrocious American accents attempted by fuckwit Brits!


LOL very good

one thing tho make sure doors open and close the right way lol 5/5


That was an excellent last half of that episode. These are relitively long but thats ok because they rock. If you keep submitting stuff like this you'll be showcased all the time! One problem, you have to right click to play this. You need to fix that or non-flash users (the majority of newgrounds) will assume it doesn't play and downvote it. :( 5/5 here though.

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teamexcellent responds:

Oh, sh*t! Thanks for pointing that out... damn, I wish I'd noticed myself earlier... I'd rather hastily copied the preloader from part 1 and forgotten to redo the layer formatting... hence, preloader no worky.
That's a LOT of views wasted, but never mind. Maybe some of them'll come back. Maybe :\
Reuploading as we speak :)

it wouldn't PLAY

i'm sorry but i can't give oyou any credit for something that doesnt play, i like the first part though

teamexcellent responds:

Acch, sorry, man. It's fixed now. Check back if you want.


VERY VERY good. i cant frickin wait till next one. y so long *tear*. o well goodiness stuff needs time or something like that. and to the last guy b4 me. i wouldent bow. in the last 5 yrs 24 residents of Tokyo died bowing down to someone. random FF there (FF= fun fact)

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Best thing ive seen all day

you guys really put work into this
sound is perfect
graphics flow with the story
story is excellent, by the way
i bow to you guys

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teamexcellent responds:

Wow, our first reviews! Thanks tons!
It is SO awesome to get positive feedback from people we don't know like you - same goes for you, punkRock10035!
Really glad you enjoyed it, we'll get to work on part B ASAP :D


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3.28 / 5.00

Apr 24, 2007
5:24 PM EDT
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