You Make Me

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EDIT: Thanks all for making this First Place for April 25! My wife has been reading all your comments as well.

This video stars my wife and myself. Why? I actually made this to be played at the reception of my own wedding. Yeah, we're total geeks.

Music is of course by good ol' Weird Al Yankovic.



This flash is great, it wasn't all that funny though, but anyways, Best wishes and keep up the good work.

Great Job!

Wow, this is really amazing, the animation and the song both work together and that's somthing good to see, always a start. The song you picked sounded good and the animations you fit into it, also really good. A lot of funny and random happenings here.

The main thing I liked about this flash was the animation and the way it was animated, it seemed very smooth and such, also nice choice of colours, those where great, didn't really notice the shading, but that's probably a good thing in a way, lol.

A mix of some violance in this but in a humorous way, not in a really violant and visous way, lol, I thought that was good and animated really well.

I can't really say that there is anything that needs improving other than that "Missing Scane" part, that was kind of a let down.

Overall though, a really good flash, animated really well and very smooth, good job here!




very nicely done. very smooth with the animation. the words + music went very well with the persons lips and movements. loved the song. WEIRD AL FOREVER


Great animation, great concepts, great everything. Wow. I'm very impressed. I too make cartoons for special occasions (holidays, birthdays, etc) and I WISH I could be like you. Wow.

The only constructive criticism I can find is perhaps you could have had better character designs. Just push the caricature and all, you know, make your special lady a goddess and exaggerate your characteristics. Or whatever. But really the character designs don't get in the way. The movement is just way too compelling.

I mean, god, now I want to marry you!

Oh and CONGRATS!!!

To Angela: If I were a woman (or gay) I'd totally try and steal this guy from you. You lucky gal you.


that was incredible. i hope you two have a happy life together

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Apr 24, 2007
1:04 PM EDT
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