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EDIT: Thanks all for making this First Place for April 25! My wife has been reading all your comments as well.

This video stars my wife and myself. Why? I actually made this to be played at the reception of my own wedding. Yeah, we're total geeks.

Music is of course by good ol' Weird Al Yankovic.


Weird Al?

There seem to be many Newgrounds members who are Weird Al fans...Anyway, I don't really care about the music selection, but how did this entry get to #1? It seems that there are many new entries that skyrocket into the top 50, and then quickly get voted off, but this didn't deserve first place (or even top 50) initially. What's so special about this entry? The visuals are mediocre, the sequence of events is just a verbatim visual representation of the lyrics, and nothing was novel. Do people seriously believe that this person created a flash that is better (quality and creativity-wise), than the rest of the top 50 entries?

Wow, so this entry stars his wife and himself...great. Who cares? It's not like it was groundbreaking. Is that the secret to getting a good score (personally relevant, but cliche and emotionally shallow)? I'm not saying that this was a bad flash at all. I've never made a flash, nor do I think I could make one as high quality as this one, but this entry did not deserve its current standing.


cute thought and i enjoyed it.

but it definitly wasnt worth seeing again, all these great reviews you got are kindof confusing.

pretty good though had fun with it for a while

... yeah dude i gotta say i was at the reception..

i wouldve knocked you upside the head. geek or no.

2 strong points here.

honestly i hated the thing. the song was annoying. the animation was smooth but the cartoon looked like it had the detailing of a nickelodeon kids show. pathetic.

BUT... like i said. theres 2 sides. it was accurate. the animation was on the mark. it got the point across. even though it was animated like a kids show it was animated damn near as well as a kids show on the air. the jokes and humor wouldve passed for a show as well and im sure you put alot of effort into this. especially for your wife.

giving you a 3 because i thought it was stupid as hell. but... it was a very good flash in retrospect.

Jeibi responds:

Dude, why ya gotta threaten me with violence? That makes God sad. Or... no, wait, He loved violence. Never mind.

i didnt like it

the best animation was the intermission thingies than the actual stuff i would usualy like this but oh well i gues i dont like the way u played your wife as a guitar also i dont like the way way says do
in short
your flash does make me want to slam my head against a wll but then send myself to the hospital


Wow that was really pointless and I dont see why you would even bother making this, sorry.

Jeibi responds:

I made it very specifically just to bore the hell out of YOU. I'm glad it served its purpose.

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Apr 24, 2007
1:04 PM EDT
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