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You Make Me

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Author Comments

EDIT: Thanks all for making this First Place for April 25! My wife has been reading all your comments as well.

This video stars my wife and myself. Why? I actually made this to be played at the reception of my own wedding. Yeah, we're total geeks.

Music is of course by good ol' Weird Al Yankovic.



Guys, settle down. The Top 50 list is rarely a good indication for how popular a flash is when it's a new submission like this one. Just wait for all the idiots like you to see that this is higher than Animator vs. Animation 2/Bitey of Brakenwood/whatever else, howl in sorrow because that simply CAN'T happen, and give it a 0 just out of spite. Asshats. Relax that tight anal sphincter and rate the animation based on the animation, not based on where it is in the Top 50 of all time list.


There's a lot of Weird Al music videos on NG, but this one was very well done; it's not easy to choreograph the music with the animation so everything matches up, and you did that very well with this. I liked the little touches like the missing scene thing and the intermission.

I've actually never heard this Weird Al song before so xD that was cool. Is it new or just really old?

At any rate. Nice job with this, and congratulations and good luck with your marriage. =)

Does This Make Me Wanna Give It a Good Review?

Originally when I saw the title of the flash (You Make Me) I thought "Oh lord... a flash cartoon that's going to desperatly try to make us cry at something they thought was romantic". But after hearing that it was a song by Weird Al, my pre-mature view changed completly.

It's always refreshing to watch something on Newgrounds that isn't emo humor (Saying the word cookies over and over again really isn't funny) and, t'be honest, this flash is as refreshing as they come. It's just so cheery. If you wake up only to find that your dog has eaten the work you just spent all night on, then you miss the bus only and it's also raining and you forgot your coat, but then suddenly a car speeds by, splashing your best suit with puddle water and when you finally make it to work it turns out today's infact a holiday... then... I dunno... someone steps on your favourite hat. Well if you've faced a day like that, do yourself a favour. Watch this flash. It will cheer you up.

The graphics are nice, if slightly basic... but it's saved by the extremly stylish way that the author has not only choreographed everything in the flash to go along with the music, but the main character's also singing along to the song, which just shows an extreme ammount of dedication has gone into this!

To sum up, I well reccommend you watch this. It's happier then a fat kid in a candy store and also much more fun.

9/10 - 5/5

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Weird Al?

There seem to be many Newgrounds members who are Weird Al fans...Anyway, I don't really care about the music selection, but how did this entry get to #1? It seems that there are many new entries that skyrocket into the top 50, and then quickly get voted off, but this didn't deserve first place (or even top 50) initially. What's so special about this entry? The visuals are mediocre, the sequence of events is just a verbatim visual representation of the lyrics, and nothing was novel. Do people seriously believe that this person created a flash that is better (quality and creativity-wise), than the rest of the top 50 entries?

Wow, so this entry stars his wife and himself...great. Who cares? It's not like it was groundbreaking. Is that the secret to getting a good score (personally relevant, but cliche and emotionally shallow)? I'm not saying that this was a bad flash at all. I've never made a flash, nor do I think I could make one as high quality as this one, but this entry did not deserve its current standing.


and this makes me happy! i can tell you put emotion into this, which makes it worthy of number one in the portal.

the only thing you could improve is the missing scene, and maybe that intermission, though it does work well.
very entertaining, very pleasant, and very awesome.

Keep up the good work


That was great. I really don't know what else to say. I loved it and it is definitely going on my favorites list. Thanks for making my day.

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Credits & Info

4.31 / 5.00

Apr 24, 2007
1:04 PM EDT
Music Video