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EDIT: Thanks all for making this First Place for April 25! My wife has been reading all your comments as well.

This video stars my wife and myself. Why? I actually made this to be played at the reception of my own wedding. Yeah, we're total geeks.

Music is of course by good ol' Weird Al Yankovic.


Really good.

This makes me think about me and my girlfriend (who also really likes this movie). I thought the humor in it was great and I know I'd do any of those things for my girlfriend, thank you for making this video and I wish the both of you the best.


Its was funny and well lol Ermmm got nothin else to say

(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
I have to agree with most of these reviews that this movie was really quite amazing. The fact that it was made for love is even more awesome. Loved the song, definitely a great one by Al that needed a good music video. This had very smooth animations and some very funny drawings as well. Best part was when he was playing the guitar with random objects. Really liked how you synced up some parts of the movie to the song, cool job.

^^Needs Improving^^
I don't really get the "Scene missing" part. I think it brought this down a bit. At least it was in the beginning, and I nearly forgot about it.


Loved it. Congrats!


very well animated and timed(i know that's hard when making music videos.) what really made this worth watching for me though was the way you sort of made it into a celebratory video for your marriage.anyway i thought it was cute and very well done.tell your wife hi for me(unless she reads this and you don't in which case: "hi!")

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Apr 24, 2007
1:04 PM EDT
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