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The year 20xx. And people have powers. And they use them.



Graphics: 7. Similar to that of the original TANKMEN, with your own twist. Not bad.
Style: 7. I had to watch this movie a cuple times. I still don't realy understand what you're trying to do. Is it supposed to be funny? Cool? Or "epic?"
Sound: 10. Love the song, but you should really give credit to the original artist for it.
Violence: 8. 'nuff said.
Interactivity: 5. The preloader and play button already won me over.
Humor: 2. I dunno. I kinda chuckled during the first few seconds.
OVERALL: 7. Not bad. My major criticism is towards the fact that this doesn't really seem like a tankmen parody, but more like the characters taken from the original and used for your own crazy concoction.


Graphics - Fucking eggcelent, love the energy and electricity. :D - 10

Style - Ace job here, looks exactly like the tank men, just taller, but a bit less neat. :D - 9

Sound - Great, loved the music, fit perfectly. - 10

Violence - No blood or anything, suitable for everyone. :D - 7

Interactivity - 0

Humor - 0

Overall - Class job, ace effects, beautiful graphics, just much to short. >_> Wouldn't be surprised if this got a daily award. Voted 5. :D - 10

(I totally overused this smiley - :D)

really under rated

that was awesome :D the animation was pretty much unflawed, the graphics were very true to the original tankmen. i was a bit disapointted by the length, but still awsome :D


nice a little to short, pls fix music... keep working

Surprise! It's not crap!

I only say that because when people make 2 parodies and cram them together they usually suck. But this one was different, it had smooth animation, good character animation, and good effects.

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Credits & Info

3.57 / 5.00

Apr 24, 2007
12:01 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody