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Society is Not a Fetish

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Random faggot:
...to make your right wing sexism look badass, you live in a fantasy world my good man. i can't even watch your no talent flash slideshows, just pieces of them before i turn them off, i might just organise some friends to vote 0 on you daily. eat shit you hate monger, see you in the obits.

This is a video of my site, showing the various whores of myspace and the web. Captions are included, so full-screen mode is recommended. Be sure to visit my site at salmonofdoubt.110mb.com for more of this insanity.


Get counciling. . .

. . .because you have appalling issues.


Its kid of funny, u critic the thing that internet was made of. I guess I can see your point, I can see it really well, the future is uncertain if whores are the doctors and lawyers of it, but still the future is always uncertain.

I think u think too much of something that is normal human nature. We are bound to sex like to food. Pornography and it variants its a road of expression that mankind took. It was first power, then war, now porn.
And u must agree with me, I love more girls with miniskirts, than guys with guns or bombs. still it was funny, and I respect what u do.

Its a nice made flash so I voted 5 (the overall is from the things on the side, not about the actual vote I gave)

You gave this entry a 5, raising its score from 1.8050 to 1.8108!

Keep up the good work, maybe someone wiser than me (or the last guy lol) will be able to understand what u expressed in this video, and change the world ways :). Flame-


I've gone over your site and have found you to be nothing more than a wannabe internet stalker, not only that but you seem to be a misogynist and possess an inferiority complex towards other men as well as having an obsession towards menstruating women, judging from the evidence I can gather, you are mildly delusional, suffering from both paranoia and delusions of grandeur. My only advice to you is to seek professional help immediately before you cause harm to yourself or others.

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doubtfish responds:

That's cute. You're a feisty one, aren't you ;-)
And the 'male' on your profile does not fool me. I know the reek of estrogen when I smell it, and you, baby, are a whore-monal slutbag ;-) Now put on a bra and paint your nails for daddy, or you might end up with a red cheek ;-)

... What?

1) Why did you make this? Just as a way to plug your site?
2) What these people do in their free time is really none of your business
3) What people do in their free time doesn't neccessarily effect their school life

On the one hand you could've made this quite successful. If you'd added your own animations, graphics and maybe a bit of humour you could've created your own style and made it reasonably interesting to watch.
But on the other hand ... what? It really isn't any of your business what these girls do with theirs lives, and I personally think it's invasion of their privacy to be posting pictures of them on the internet and commenting on their personal lives. Maybe next time you could try to make a movie about something that doesn't involve making fun of people you've probably never met before. For all you know those girls took one bad picture and now you're labelling them whores and sluts.

Next time, before you consider uploading a video, look it, and think how entertaining it would be to watch it if you were someone else, and think how you would feel if you were one of those girls, who made a few mistakes at school and now you've stumbled across this and find the worst thing you've ever done promoted on a website for everyone to see.

doubtfish responds:

The people at Chernovyl just made a few mistakes. The fact that they have such poor judgement tells a lot about their character and personality, or lack thereof. I also find it hard to watch college chicks interacting and then take them seriously as anything but a sex object. The last time I checked, you could only be one person, and if you brandish your hoe-bags with a halter-top, don't act whore-ified if you catch someone taking a good look. Course with society and all the power freaks want to control where you look and what you look at. 'Those girls are teasing anyone who is not a stupid jock, not acting like a living peice of eye candy.' I just find it hard to differentiate between the two. Of course, there's always shades ;-) I like the way I can take them off to show someone my eyes. It's kind of like withholding something you normally get from free and making them barter for it.


Good point... Could have been shown a bit better but I'm not much of a fan of stuff like this.

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Apr 24, 2007
5:12 AM EDT
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