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SK vs. QM: A Sprite Fight

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Also on:

http://www.flashportal.co m/movies/soul_knights_vs.
_quam_singulari.html (Take off space between "com.")

http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=resXrgtREeo (Take off space between "watch.")

EDIT 3 (29/11/08): YouTube version now has commentary! Annotations are cool! ;D If you watched this movie before, go there and watch it with commentary!

EDIT 2: SHIT, it was c-106mc who found me the feather, not Pudin. I'm sorry. XD

EDIT: Forgotten music credits: The Uruk-Hai - Lord of the Rings

HOLY CRAP. It's been, what, four years since I submitted something that was actually FINISHED? I think I've spent two week's worth of work on this movie, but I actually started working on this Flash like a year ago. Why is this? Same reason I haven't finished anything for the past four years, I guess. There's a bit of story behind this one...

2006, circa April, SoGGy makes a team tournament custom sprite comic, and I join. Around the time our fight's winners are decided (it was randomly chosen), I ask SoGGY "Hey, what if I made a Flash about it instead of you making the comic? =D" "Sure, ok." Already, Meta_Knight's like "Riiight, you're just gonna cancel this one like the rest." What I had in mind was just a little Flash, nothing big, but somehow it all just kinda blew up into something bigger. I got distracted by many things (fucking MMORPGs), and really didnt do much. By the time 6 months had passed, I just knew that if there was any reason I should still be working on this it was beyond the little sprite tournament. No, the purpose for this movie then shaped itself into a way to prove that I CAN finish stuff (even if it takes one year), and to show that my skills in Flash have improved a lot since Mario Friends and Warp. Around January I started working a little more on the movie, and then progress started going a little faster.

So now I present to you Soul Knights vs. Quam Singulari. It may not be the best, but shit, I finished something for once. Ignore the half-assed dialouge. XD

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Saw it forever ago...

on some stick flash website, I thought it was awesome since day 1.<3


i couldnt have done it any better my self.


so cool again why were they fighting


This is Sweet! Way to go, Neo Link!

Indeed a superb flash...

The animation was very nice, and smooth, the characters were pretty original with their designs, and the dialouge was a little funny. The only thing I'd reccomend is not getting so close with the Vcam when it comes to sprites. You can see the pixels way too much that way. Other than that I'd say this was done very well. Keep it up, and the effects were intense.

Peace Out