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Thanks a lot guys for the FP and overwhelming response :)

This is a colour coded game - bounce on other emoticons the same colour as you. Change colour using the ASDF keys.

Press space to pause and see the options.

This is my second game for Armorgames game contest, hopefully i can win some moneh$$$


Fun, but difficult.

It was really a great game, and I won't bore you with details about how great it was. I gave it a nine for interactivity because it was frustrating that I couldn't get past level two.


i did infact like this game. Good job

Sweetness packed in a faic

This game is pretty fun. No doubt about that. It is mindless, and challenging at the same time. Here is the breakdown of my review.
Graphics: 8. It is nicely done for what it is. The colors also add a part
Style: It is original. Unlike any game I've played.
Sound: The music was kick-awesome. And the sound was well done.
Violence: Wasn't much, but destroying other emoticons is moderately violent.
Interactivity: The controls were done nicely, giving that sense of control. The high scores are also a great way to enter a community
Humor: Jumping on smileys is amusing to me.
Overall: Yes, I know. It is a low score. But it is the average. Don't blam me for my calculation.

This game is highly recommended for those who want to screw around. -Link7120

i enjoy blowing up smily faces

loved the game, very innovative. Great graphics and i loved how they exploded fancily when you hit them. Some things the would make the game better would be stuff like power ups, so you could hit smileys that make you lose a life, or become rainbow and you are invincible for a second, or something like that. All in all, though, great game.


was very fun..and dont we all just wana pop those smilies at one point or another? great game

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4.12 / 5.00

Apr 23, 2007
9:26 PM EDT
Skill - Collect