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Sino-American War DEMO

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Apr 22, 2007 | 11:14 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Random faggot: make your right wing sexism look badass, you live in a fantasy world my good man. i can't even watch your no talent flash slideshows, just pieces of them before i turn them off, i might just organise some friends to vote 0 on you daily. eat shit you hate monger, see you in the obits.

A submission on the American-Chinese tensions. This is a flash presentation. I will add an animated likeness to this presentation soon, but first I will finish creating and uploading it. Obviously when I'm finished I'll remove the DEMO.



Rated 0 / 5 stars

that has to be the funniest pile of crap ever

ok music nice(i could hear it for a change)
idea of american union (interesting)
format bad

political rambling very very very bad

you are a product of mtv
china big bad and scarey boo hoo
america land of the free must defeat nasty commy chinks waa waa

sing the national anthem in the shower while you oil ur good honest god fearing weapon of self destruction??

american dollar equals approximately 12 chinese dollars(america places pressure on china to maintain that when every other country allows the free fluctuation of foreign currency in relation to its dollar, how do i know this? becuase nz dollar is now worth 75 us cents, last year it was closer to 50 us cents last year chinese dollar worth 15 nz cents now worth closer to 30 nz cents) this is so that america can continue to import cheap product to use, however if within the free market set up by the WTO chinese product slips below a protected american products costing then(tariffs funny how all other countries in the WTO are not allowed them) america gets shitty and takes china to the WTO over intentional trade violations. hmmmm????

china since the mid seventies has been increasingly westernised, macdonalds KFC Pizza hut and many other major brands have large market presence in china
western music has not only been embraced(not just pirated) but emulated, not to mention the large market shares taken up by western music industry rebranding rerecording older songs in mandarin for resale into the chinese market.
chinese youths are at enormous cost sent to western countries where they prop up the economy with hyper inflated education costs ( in nz chinese students are made to pay in us currency in advance at ten times what citizens are charged for the same courses(dont forget us dollar 12 times stronger at fixed price to chinese currency) they soak up the culture and the lifestyle go home and convert their friends and family (if these high achievers do not stay in the western country thus filling highly skilled positions there thus keeping our education and workforce competitive.

boo hoo waa waa american jobs whinge whinge slant eyed foriegners boo hoo mindy and joey got no job cry cry

cant have it both ways can you, our culture cuases our kids to fail, big business the product of the american way dont see colour race or creed you moron it sees dollars and fractions of a cent as markey shares, why should mindy get a job doing the accounts if hwei yang got better grades. and since i know your a sexist pig as well as a racist fear mongerer, why should little billy joe be the manager at wall-mart when he was partying all semester when hou tong was hitting the books and getting straight A's.

you know im right
UN WTO World Bank European Union, its inevitable right World government, GLobalisation. thats what fear mongerers like you are scared of really, that your underachieving spoiled inbred white children wont have job security backed up by american military might.

sing the national anthem oil ur guns complain to ur congressmen(or is it a woman)
find a not too distant relative in the next trailer and get breeding

ill take comfort in the fact that many americans are more intelligent than you, that they see the opertunity of closer economic ties with a stronger china, politics aint ur strong point leave it to the professionals they know better, stop complaining stop crying and living in fear and maybe you can join the rest of us in the future of a global world that doesnt see race colour creed or sex (for that matter)as a hinderance to closer economic, immigration or any other kind of cooperation.

grow up

doubtfish responds:

Because of JackOffAll here, I will be releasing a new flash presentation today. I will try a few new styles with flash software to help provide a more integrated experience for the viewer. I will use briefer video clips with better quality, etc. I'd also like to thank her for giving me the motivation and energy to put forth this effort.


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


A shoddy (incomplete) mishmash of political ramblings. For those who want to get their political commentary from the same place that has pictures of myspace girls and reviews of turtle sites, definitely check out the site.

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doubtfish responds:

Note the DEMO at the top. You seem to give a very slanted review of my site. Congratulations on being well conditioned, just like everyone else.


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


What a strange, strange character you must be. I took the liberty of having a look at your website as well, which was itself a descent into your own special brand of...well...I'm not sure xenophobia really covers it exactly...something less coherent then that.

As for the flash, on the one had it's not a particularly good idea. What's the point of having a flash version of what amounts to an unreadably heavy Powerpoint presentation? I don't know either. I won't comment on your political views at this time, since the work is unfinished (although your site leaves little question as to where you're going with this). I do have to say that I am impressed by the sheer audacity of it. It's certainly not something you see on Newgrounds.

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doubtfish responds:

Well we all have our opinions, however hateful - or superficially hateful - they may be. Mine are a bit deeper than the usual, so it's easy to get caught up in the atmosphere if you're not used to that sort of thing.


Rated 0 / 5 stars


i hate amryes

doubtfish responds:

Say what?


Rated 2 / 5 stars

At least this one doesn't take an hour per slide.

Alright, as for this one.

I think that what you said about opening our borders and being more lax about immigration laws would be increasingly unintelligent. I say this because if we do so, we have less grip on who's coming into our country, along with becoming a much more insecure populous. I mean, we could be letting more extremists into our country and really hurt our national security, even in the sham its in with Bush.

As for stepping down as a super power, and becoming more like Mexico and Canada, I'm against that.

Canada has no army, the health care is horrible up there, and really it feeds off of us when in need.

Mexico has convicts, poor living conditions, and a horrible economic status, which is probably why there are many people trying to sneak into our borders, because we have that super power status.

Yep. My opinions.

(Good job not almost crashing my browser on this one too :D)

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