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Flash for Kylie

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Flash I made for my girlfriend Kylie, we started a flash war back and forth where we share flashes for one another ... just to make better than the other ... so far I'm winning

Music is done by Gabry Ponte

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Not bad, I enjoyed it!!!

Like the music.. like the originality.. I hope to see her flash next.. You did a great job!


Psionic-Storm responds:

thanks, it was done in 3 hours... quite impressed for the short amount of time it took, now i have a drawing pad so things should come out WAY better next time.

I dunno what, but something kept me from blamming.

I think the way u made Gates dance was pretty awesome for as simple the movements. The music was kinda cool too, in a weird but good way.

Psionic-Storm responds:

Yeah, I did something very similar in school and people thought it was funny, so I re-did it in here for amusement.


Eww you're winning? Your girlfriend must really suck! jk mate.

I think you need to move away from just shapes into bodies and figures, also, lose the text and better music please. Pretty cool atm, though.

Psionic-Storm responds:

well it was FBF, and she is just beginning and using flash. I just wanted to show her what you could do... I made this is 3 hours, i wouldn't expect much from it.. lol


I gave you a 10 on graphics for the 'I love you' shifting into a heart at the end. That was uber cool. Mushy but cool. The dancing lines, looked like a lazer show, I liked that too. Hope your gf liked it. Also, the audio synced up perfect with the video, good work.

Psionic-Storm responds:

The shifting "I Love You" was only shape tweening, nothing big, and the dancing lines, I tried those in a flash and it was amazing, it was blammed because people demanded storylines.. -_- ... and yeah, she liked it, she is just beginning and it was a form of way to show her the techniques...

It started good...

It really started good. I mean, it was fun to watch. You had some really cool effects going onand a cool song so I know you have talent.

Anyway, after all the cool stuff, you ran out of ideas right around when you started saying "Circles! Square. See it!" Then you had Bill Gates' floating torso and the whole Flash lots it.

Cool stuff, man. Try to stick with it next time for an awesome flash, because the beginning WAS awesome.

Psionic-Storm responds:

I drew on impulse, ^^;;, next time I'll try to plan things out...