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At the Restaurant

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Daily 4th Place?! Frontpage?! Thank you Newgrounds.


And thanks you guys, I am glad you enjoyed this. i would post to all your reviews but I am very, very lazy so I will just make an overall response: I will take the time to make a longer animation, most of you seem to like the humor and style, so I will do a much longer animation with the same feel as this short. SO look out for that in the future. And thanks to all who voted five and favourited.

This is a short, quick animation I whipped up. I thought the idea was funny so I spent a day and a half (on and off) making it.

By the way, the music is the theme to 'Tom and Jerry', in case you were wondering.


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This made ME dance!

...okay, not really, I'm way to tired and out of shape to do that. I'm dancing in spirit.
Anyway, When I usually review an artist earlier work, I'm slightly nervous, I don't want to be too harsh on someone's first attempt. This is proof the artist was a comedic genius since his first contribution to Newgrounds! I never know what wacky antics the characters are going to do in these flashes. Even though the artwork may not be as good as MyKindOfFlash's later works, it still is a reflection of his above average skill at the time. The animation is fantastic, even for an older flash, it's still better than some of the stuff done with CS5. Well done sir, you deserve a big tip for this.

lol liked it

this is the one u told me about..i liked this too...its a unique style if u make a lot of these u can always try to make it a series keep it up

I liked it

You gotta pay you jerk...NO classic

i gotta pull that one!

an amazing way to scam restaurants!


that was a completely unexpected twist at the end

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4.30 / 5.00

Apr 22, 2007
5:39 PM EDT