GX-Super Bunny Action

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I'm back and this time, I'm coming with a flash fresh out of flash 8. Enjoy this shit.

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Thats what would happen, if it was real...

Yeah, global warming is a joke. Its too bad we still freeze nearly every night here in Oregon. Also, did you hear that the global warming conference, was canceled, DUE TO SNOW? Hm... And the other day, I heard that the New York area was still freezing ass cold....

Yeah. Global warming alright.

Grub-Zilla responds:

Who gives a fuck about Oregon. No one wants to hear about that undeveloped piece of shit they call a state.


Umm, it doesn't deserved to be blammed, but.... it wasn't the best of flashes. I liked the message, but it didn't make a huge amount of sense. The bunny wasn't drawn too well and there was almost no motion, and the shape tween from a happy to angry sun was poor. If you animated it better the flash would have my praise, but it's not so it doesn't. Take more time when you make an animation.

it was ok

it was kind of boring at begining

wow talk about getting the point across.

this is going on my favorite list. the second flash from the portal today. i tihnk that this was kind of informative and to the young NG uses i think that it might get a point across. good work, make more.

Grub-Zilla responds:

Thanks a lot. I hope this does make a point that I've felt for a while. I don't like the way this earth is turning out.

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Apr 22, 2007
3:56 PM EDT