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JPong V1.1

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Author Comments

I know its not that great. Sorry. it is my first submission so yeah its dodgy. It glitches I know

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not bad

not bad


not bad for your first game like the classic backround but can there ba any powerups but i like it. good job man good job

Brings me back.

Very good job so far. I must say the graphics are really well done in the classic Pong style which gives me a sense of nostalgia and wins bonus points ;). Past that this game is pretty basic which is why I scored it average. Have you ever played the remake that was done for the PSX of Pong? It added all kidns of powerups and things to make the game more interesting and shake up the gameplay a little. Things like bigger/smaller paddles, freeze, super speed, slow, multi-ball, obstacles; things like that can really shake up the game and make it very interesting. Very nice start though.

I also noticed that the CPU paddle likes to shake, you can go off-screen to a point on the top (not sure about the bottom) and when you hit the ball to the top it likes to zigzag between that and the closest dotted line. Other than that I would like to see the ball stay in center when someone scores until you click so that you get a chance to catch up and it'll be pretty well done.

Think about those additions, it may help this become more than jsut Pong.

Jaxander responds:

Thanks for the ideas :) I was aware of the offscreen glitch only after I had published it on Newgrounds so I will see to that soon. Unfortunately the enemy paddle movement is a problem and I currently have no way to fix it. But as I progress I will try to make this game better :)

Good for your 1st.

It's very good to be your first submission, it was cool but I think you should have added some extra feature than being just the classic pong as there are too many out there. As I said, for the 1st it's ok cus that's how you begin. Some things to fix: make the oponent not to shake, make the text on the buttons not to be selectable. Good work

Jaxander responds:

I'm writing on behalf of all the people that have responded. I have got through half of the new version with some new ideas. I realise this game has problems but I will try and solve them accordingly. Thanks for your support.

Very good attempt

This is a very good pong clone. The graphics are very good, and make it very immersive. The AI is also very good, but not good enough to keep you from scoring atleast a point. The background music
is very suitable for this game, and didn't seem repetitive.

The suggestions I can make are fix the bug that makes the AI's paddle
shake so rapidly, and fix the difficulty selection buttons. You should also
inform the player of the controls, and you might want to add a configuration menu to change the control scheme.

Credits & Info

2.09 / 5.00

Apr 22, 2007
10:25 AM EDT