[cc] I know men.

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men like robin don't know about julian


Ha Ha...

That was kinda pointless.

Graphics:2-You had drawn something yourself, but the flashing was too much, you could have given someone a seisure. If you have to have flashing, at least put a warning.
Style:0-The overused image to music stuff that allways finds its way into TOTW.
Sound:4-I would have listened to the song, if i hadnt been distracted by the flashing.

There is really no point in flash like this. Practice your skills and put in some actual animation.

JimmyDot responds:



*sigh* half of the members in your group are just desperate to get flashes on the portal, because there not good enough to get a flash on the portal on there own. Well atleast the afro dude was decent.... but it was still shit.

JimmyDot responds:

lol all my flashes take 5-10 minutes to make and pass with ease fool

I LOL'D...then I blammed

that wasn't too great. the drawings were really simple and the motions were sloppy. the beats were sick, though. Work on better character designs and it will all come together...even if you completely lack a plot.

JimmyDot responds:

18 dummy FOO


k you know what. all this is a flash animation with music and flashing colors. Put more effort into your work. Nobody wants to watch anything like this, no matter what the music is. Even after the music, you dont have any return button. I would recomend you put one in next time. Just cut down on the flashing.

JimmyDot responds:


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Apr 22, 2007
3:37 AM EDT
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