Socom Squad -- BLAMMED

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After a very long and sad vacation, the Socom Squad has returned. Only to find more resistance than they expected. In a Segregation-esque event, the Socoms are refused service at a restaraunt.

Please don't blam Socom Squad movies on sight. They are a form of art, and should be judged accordingly. They do not feature screamers or seizure-inducing lights, and they are not at all crappily drawn. Nor are they crappily animated. They are just short and to the point.


Too short

Your animation shows you have ability, but it is far too short for my taste.

+OK animation

-content, length

Make more story to it.


I did five this in the portal. I still love your graphics. Havn't seen anything from you guys in a while, hope things are still going ok

OK Socom Squad

I paid close attention. I didn't blam it because it's from you. I'm not like that. I also realize everyone is to their own, and that's nice you have your own style. But I just don't have any reasons why you have a flash with just words and a lying pineapple. OK, it sounds kinda funny put like that, but it's shown a little bit that you can do flash well, you just need to make something with some kind of point. Show us ones that are on newgrounds quite a bit that you can make something funny or something interesting. But anyway, for this flash I give you a 1/10.

I don't get it

Why not just continue the story that's a pretty bad joke. But never the less, I liked it.

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what the fu#& ?

The guy which has throwen out the socoms is a son of a bi** cuz im not one of those fucki** racists and i respect the socoms. RESPECT!

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1.60 / 5.00

Apr 21, 2007
6:52 PM EDT
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