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HEAT MAN 2: Missing Scene

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ah yes, the legendary missing scene from HEAT MAN 2! Dont watch this unless you have seen HEAT MAN 2, because this is simply a scene that was taken out because of file size. You may notice there are no sound effects, thats because I was trying to make a dramatic feel to the movie. I think I did a good job on that :)

This movie is special, its my first movie with a preloader! does it work? Theres a button to click incase it doesnt. Well thats it then, now go watch it

#1 in the top 5! One step closer to King of the Portal! :D Thanks for your support everyone!

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not bad

That wasn't bad. It was good to see something that was just action. I guess the length was pretty good. I was confused as to why they didn't use their powerups. Does this take place before they kill Mega Man? The sprites were pretty nicely done.

The music was quite nice. They didn't get as damaged as I thought. Well, they still got hit a lot. I think Cut Man and Heat Man have the same head design. Laziness was abundant back then.

DragoonFenix15 responds:

I've realized that Robot Masters in general only ever have one of about 5 different head designs. It IS really repetitive...

who would win...

...a peacock and an osterich, or a pair of scissors and a lighter?

Pure Gold...

this is my favorite movies of all time and always love coming back to it.

here's whats the most amazig part which always gets me when watching: thinking about how reploids evolve.. if Atomic Fire can heat up to 5 zeros, like the guy below me said...

how can it be enough if Overdrive Ostrich a X5 model is a 200 years newer model than Heatman. if his design improves to a 10x each year, it would be a equivalent of 10 ^200, that's a digit with 200 zeros better than Heatman's!!!

how can the Atomic Fire scorch him??? that's how awesome he is...


i have something to tell you.the only thing not funny about heatman is the temperature he can reach witch is 120000 C' that's hotter than the sun!