Submachine 4: the Lab

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Submachine. The game in which with every puzzle solved, every chapter finished you fall deeper and deeper into mystery. Fourth chapter takes us to the heart of the submachine, the place where all questions will be finally answered. Or were finally answered. Once again it's time to ask youself - is it possible that you're too late?


Good game.

I love these games, although I find it strange that at the end, I found 22/21 secrets, is that supposed to happen? I made sure I had 21 secrets before I even entered into that portal, and when I got there, I found another one on that circle wood speakerthing, which is weird, and I ended up with 22/21. But hey, that gives me bonus points, so reward me :).

damn, i love submachine.

spoiler warning! where the 21 secrets for submachine 4 are, and what theyre used for!

In the lab:
1) on the ancient chair all the way on the right of the attic
2) first floor down from the attic
3) underneath the computer table where u talk to Mr.M
4) behind the chair next to the stair way all the way at the bottom
5) right next to the gas valve standing next to the burner.
6) behind the pipe on the left side of the bathroom

In the ancient section:
7) in the rubble underneath the "+" sign
8) underneath the statue of the horse thing? break the crumbling box with the hammer
9) the eye of the dog where you put the 4 triangle pieces

In the looping trap:
10) in the corner of the room with coordinate (0,-1)

In the basement section:
11) on the socket in the room with the coil charger
12) behind the laserbeam machine on the right side

In the room coordinate (5,5,1)
13) on the right side of the portal machine

In the light house digout:
14) on top of a pile of dirt under where the pipe turns in an "L" shape
15) one room to the left of the portal in a square below the 4 levatating squares. to get this one, you need to go through the submachine and find the four bells, ring them, and make them levitate the squares.

In the tomb trap:
there are none

In the 2nd tomb trap:
16) all the way in the corner on the left side

In the ship:
17) next to the lantern in the same room as the portal
18) one room right of the portal. you need to unscrew the 4 screws on the square on the wall.
19) behind the lantern on the top floor, where u stick the fan in.
(NOTE: by now you can go back to the lighthouse digout to get that 15th secret)

In the ending room:
20) in the corner on the room on the right, where the portal machine is. it appears white here.

In the room with the coordinates (7,2,8)
21) in the circle in the upper left hand corner

you put the secrets in the tube in the right on the right. hope ive helped, and hope youve had fun!

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Have played all the Submachine games, but this one is probably the best.

Loved the atmosphere, was missing in the third one compared to the creepier second one. Good use of 'other' people to make you think others had died exploring the areas. I really liked the way it tied in with the previous games and the secret area added a unique personal touch.

All these games are clearly well thought out and I hope to see another, though the ending seems ambiguous as to whether that will happen.

Sequel or not, keep up the atmospheric adventure games!

I love this game!

The atmosphere is so creepy, and so mysterious. I really like it, puzzles are awesome, it takes time to finish this game. Also what I really like about this game unlike the other ones, the ending were it gives you a choice weather you want to continue or not with the secrets and all. All in all, great game, keep up the good work!

Was ok for a point and click game

I dont like point and click games very much but this one was alright nice pace puzzels in all

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