"Get A God" #3

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Iraq: Holy War v 2.0

Leave a review when you're done, so I can get some feedback. Thanks for all the positive support from the first two - check them out if this is your first experience of it. If you want to be updated of when my next releases are, add me to your fav authors and I'll PM you personally when I make something new.

On another note, I'm curious to see if anyone gets the joke at the end. It's a little obscure, but I'm really trying to push this series in new directions, and I really think I did. This is probably my favourite so far - it went through so many rewrites and edits though, it took about two weeks, it's insane.

I don't know how to make a website, but I'd like to, so if any of you guys want to help me out with that it'd be awesome.


Have you ever heard of different point of views?

1: bad animation, probaly laziness
2: No point just pandering, if your going to something political or anything intelligent make it atleast slightly less idiotic.
3: Your making a spoof on PC and MAC watch them again and use facts like they do, you don't by the way.
4: Heathen is some one who is not a follower of monotheist religions.
5: Pro-life and the war....seperate issues, one killing grown men otheris killing babies.


Short funny and punchy, I likey.

Pretty good.

I'm not exactly fond of atheism myself, Personally I find it rather closed minded.
Although I'm Definitely not too fond of christians. lol
Either way, I enjoyed your cartoons. Very clever.

And the guy who commented below me is an idiot.
But with a screen name like "Scratchy Joe" You can't expect much intellect from him.


This one was stupid...you didn't even make a point


hilarious! also, a heathen is someone not belonging to a large religious group,like christianity

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Apr 20, 2007
5:09 AM EDT
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