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"Get A God" #3

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Iraq: Holy War v 2.0

Leave a review when you're done, so I can get some feedback. Thanks for all the positive support from the first two - check them out if this is your first experience of it. If you want to be updated of when my next releases are, add me to your fav authors and I'll PM you personally when I make something new.

On another note, I'm curious to see if anyone gets the joke at the end. It's a little obscure, but I'm really trying to push this series in new directions, and I really think I did. This is probably my favourite so far - it went through so many rewrites and edits though, it took about two weeks, it's insane.

I don't know how to make a website, but I'd like to, so if any of you guys want to help me out with that it'd be awesome.


To antagonist388

Shut up.

Your views on both the Iraq situation and abortion show your SEVERE lack of education on both of these topics.

1. Do you really think every terroist on the planet is sitting around in some Iraqi bunker just waiting to be taken out by US forces? Idiot. First of all Iraq and Al Kaeda are almost completely unrelated. Second, attacking terrorists is not like attacking a nation; terrorism is an ideal and those who practice that ideal can be all over the globe, NOT in a single nation.

2. That's not how abortion works at all moron. Seriously read up on the subject before you go spouting such idiotic statements.

For someone ranting about speaking with "educated Christians" you sure as hell aren't a shinning example of Christian logic.

Cartoon was good, short but sweet, and brutally honest.


That was a good one, I have used that very same argument before. Thanks for making something with a good message.


Terrorists attacked us, and now we attack them to ensure our safety. self defense.

You had sex. A baby was conceived. Your going to stick a coat hanger in there and kill the baby. Thats murder.

And thats a How-to for being pro-war and pro-life.

~A Christian

Btw, cartoon sucked... Maybe you should talk to an actual educated Christian before you make them so they're half-way funny

love it

now the christians can learn it.
actually my real anme is christian but thats because im danish. liked it and hope you dont get in trouble whit christians for doing these animations


Yeah man, some valid points. Look at how many christians hate you! Lol.
(gd to see some aussie stuff too!)

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Apr 20, 2007
5:09 AM EDT
Comedy - Original