Balance Balls

April 20, 2007 –
April 22, 2010
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

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Use the left and right arrow keys to keep the red ball on the platform, Its harder than you think!


Fun and challenging game. Addictive, but once the ball that you have to balance gets to the end of the platform, it is pretty much impossible to move it back. Nice idea.

i made it two minutes.. pretty easy game.. i liked it

would have liked to see a high score but its no biggie.. im happy just looking at past posts to see i beat out most other people.. XD

adictive infact but when i ball would roll to the left with the big ball u couldent move it :( i gave it a 3.

eh its addicting.. my highscore is 63 sec... good job

I like it! My highscore was 28 seconds. Haha.
Really addicting.

great game

its simple and hard i thought it was going to be a piece of cake but you proved me wrong. I can't wait to try your next game

good luck

i gave it a 5 ;P

I loved it. It's pure, simple and entertaning. I adore the graphics, they are simple and pleasent to look at. Nothing too much going on, so your eyes can follow and concentrate in the game.

I gave it a 5:er!

So you better do more games

- Antarct

I liked this game. It looked so simple. After a while, I gifured out that the only way to survive was gettinf rid of all those oranges. Keep up the good work.

Good little game. The weight of those oranges is brutal though. Different weight settings could add depth.

Nice game, but I love how I got 50 oranges and my friend got none, I didn't know there was actionscript that could do that, lol, good work. I also liked the way you put spin on your dropping oranges/orange ball thingies... anyway good work.

first off good game its fun and addicting. I do have one major gripe with this game however. Everytime I played this game the balls fell at different times. This makes it impossible to compare times in any meaningful manner. If you have a bal fall every say 10secs it would be fair. A Highscore list would be nice as well.

yeh this game is probly the most addictive game i have4 played since i have had my account on new ground i like this game but mabye put like a song on instead of like a reapting tune koz that just make it irriatating

The sheer simplicity of this is extremely addictive. I agree with the last comment that it needs some ranking system, but still its very well done. Keep up the good work.

Great effort. You deserve a pat on the back. What this needs now is some good music, a good background and even better physics system. That's what could make it great. Until then, this is still a great game.

i really enyoyed playing this game even tough i have one tip and that's:
make something like a rangking that would make it more fun like when you lasted 20 seconds you get a C- and so on

overall nice concept and addictive


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3.32 / 5.00