Magic Magnifier

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(bug fixed)

Hurray, My very first post on Newgrounds

I don't know what to say other than im totaly
happy with what i've done, and i worked very hard on it.

I would have made more than three rooms, but being that i have better things to do and little time to do them, i just lack the free time. These rooms take a very long time to make, so i just made three and tryed to keep the graphic quality nice and to clean. I dont want to put music in it either mainly because it will keep the file size down, and everyone has his or her opinion on music, and i dont want to ward off viewers.

Well enjoy looking through this interactive flash. there are at least 5 things in every room to look through, so explore around.

Remember to look at the tutorial and credits, because they have information you may find handy or just good to know.

Please remember to comment, because if i get a good reaction i might make a newer better version.


Its magical!

Nice flash, I was pretty amazed when I first saw this. Too bad there really isn't much more too look at, but the style and the graphics in it were pretty cool. The little things here and there provided a weird sense of humor that gave me a laugh the first couple times, but there needs to just be a bit more to it you know? It'd have been cool if maybe there were other neat inventions to look around the room with, or at least puzzles to move onto the next room like discovering an object and then placing it in a different place to trigger a switch, which opens up a portion of another room where you have to do something there to open up a secret pathway in the first room that will lead you somewhere else. I don't know, but anything else to actually interact with would have been nice.

Oh, and put in sound too. Maybe you could have an invisible hidden radio button in some rooms that when you hit it you can play some music in that certain room. Just throwing some ideas at you, whether they are good or not is up to you (newb speaking here) and whether you use them in a possible future variation of this (or if you incorporate it into another flash) is up to you.

All in all though, despite its lack of replayability, I still really liked this and I think I'll give it a 6.5...but since I can't give that I'll just say its a 7.

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Not bad

It was ok i suppose, quite a good idea and the idea was utilised very well. There didn't seem any point to it though, there was nothing to do if you get my meaning. Maybe you could make an escape the room game using the same concepts of x-ray vision. That would be cool.

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I never knew a magnifying glass could see through objects whoa :O That was amazing... too bad the whole thing was bad, make a game out of it, it's kind of pointless as all you've done is thrown in a mask and stuck it on newgrounds. Make it better and resubmit it.

A nice demo

What you have here is nice, but it would be much better if you turned it into some kind of game. Like maybe a detective game where you have to find clues, or a timed hunt to find different items.

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lol kool

lol thats like so trippy the funny bit i like wqas the blood on the wall hahaha but any way that was kool u should liike more lots more i like it it like trips u out.

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Apr 20, 2007
2:22 AM EDT
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