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DailyFreeGames.com Build a hose as long as you can from the hydrant to the fire. Use the golden tiles to score bonus points. Use the Mouse to place the hose pieces.


nice one

that was a pretty nice game. it reminds me a lot of Wallpipes... and old game very similar to this one.... only without the fire. the game itself was a lot of fun.. though frustrating when you don't get the right pipe pieces.. or hose pieces. i didn't care for the fire sounds... so i shut it off.... but overall, that was a pretty fun game.

It's ok

Now i know it's just a game but since a house is buring would it be better to have a smaller hose???
Still it was an ok game but it ran a little slow.
p.s i played with the sound off(accounts for the 0 on sound)

not the be4st game

i can understand why u put i on new grounds koz lots of people like puzzel game but im not one of them puzzle game jsut arnt my style

I agree

The original I played was Pipe Dream or something years ago and nothing has changed with any of its clones. I agree with the previous comment that there is no real skill involved. You can plan ahead all you want, but if the random pieces you need don't come up, its all over and frustrating.

I never liked this game.

This game and all of its countless variations suck for the following reason: they are far too heavily dependant on luck, and not enough on player skill. So unless you can improve on that, don't bother.

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3.12 / 5.00

Apr 19, 2007
10:49 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other