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The Menorah

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Author Comments

Whilst its a story that has been told many times, its one that should never stop being recycled. In my second year I took an elective to learn about the Jewish Holocaust (as my only previous education had been watching Schindlers List) I wrote a dissertation on Holocaust denial and asked the question whether such history could ever repeat itself. Its a cliche, but the only positive thing that can be salvaged from genocide is the lesson that it should never happen again. For this I concluded the subject needs to saturate the public domain. Trying to comprehend such history weighed emotionally and this animation was the result. I hope you find it provoking and sensitive. (Genocide is occuring today in Darfur, but unlike the Jewish Holocaust, its our generations responsibility)

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deep stuff...

I loved this flash. It is absolutely beautiful. The graphic, design, what with how you drew the characters helped to add a shading to the situation which drew darkness into the equation... (and of course darkness should be necessary when talking of the bleakest and darkest of all things, genocide) I also thought that the way that the man fell into a darkness spiral was an effect that was cheesy and overdone... I would have shown a scene of the little girls face, either that or just showing her torso or legs and showing two little tear droplets... That would have conveyed a deeper feeling of pain than a simple body spiriling into a darkness... Again, these are just opinions/tips, It's your flash. One other thing that i didn't like: When you show the train going to Auschwitz, You don't have the hypocritical sign "Arbeit macht frei" the whole "labor sets you free" thing. That would have been important in a flash such as this that is remembering the halocaust. It would have been a nice touch that sets a deeper meaning, if you will.

As it is, this flash is amazing. I realize the need to expose this to a wider audience. If people had known of the armenian genocide, perhaps then, the halocaust might never of happened. To the 1,150,025 views that is the metal gear awesome 2, and the 828 views here, when this serves much more important issues, this is unnacteptable. Tom should have put it on the frontpage, or something, you'know? but, unrelated. I realize this need, and so I will 5'ver you, fav you, and attempt to get this into the dramatic shorts section, cause that's where it belongs.

Mr. Moores, you did a fantastic job. I just wish that i was a little older, or had more mental capacity, or something, because i feel thta i missed many little things that where hidden symbols (kinda like the menorah extinguishing when the nazis walked into the synoggauge, symbolizing the lives of jews that were extuingished? and the dead man trying to stop the train, trying to save his daughter?

Very touching.


This is amazing AND convenient! I have to show my class a video on the Holocaust that I found online, and I think I'll show them this one. Very well made, and very touching.

Very Powerful!

This flash was absolutly powerful, hopefully we can stop genocide that is happening now!

Wow impressive

I agree not a new subject, but wow! really impressive

A well worn subject but oddly subtle and affecting

The brief opening scenes , which are perhaps deliberately simplistic, give no warning of the subtle and imaginative animation that follows. In a story that we all feel we know so well, and perhaps shockingly take for granted, we are led to think simultaneous opposites - "not this again" and "why have I not seen it this way before?". The sad beauty of the music re-inforces the theme.

There is real quality in the animation which adds to the message - such as the death train made beautiful in a birds-eye view, chugging through the snow, framed by its rising line of smoke on one side and the smoke's shadow on the other.

This is a powerful achievement using such a simple medium.