Super-Duper Friends

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Hillary, Obama, Edwards and Gore use their superpowers to thwart the administrations conquest of the universe. Sign up for the world premiere at www.challengeofthesuperfriends.com


Well done!

Very well drawn, animated, and the idea itself was very humorous! Although most people are more drawn towards the actual political view to it, I would rather look more into the whole flash itself which was just very well done!

Yes, I'm a conservative and I still found this funny. Learn to laugh at yourselves and don't take everything so seriously.

As for this, great! :D

great job my good man

only one thing though...hilary clinton should be one of the bad guys

Great way to look at politics

I would've never thought of comparing the government to the Legion of Doom, but it's all so true.

Great going with Dick Cheney as the Joker, that one cracked me up pretty good!

pretty slick

tell ya what man

even though the politics may seem over the top to some heck even i dont necessarily agree with it all this is one hell of a cool flash!!!!!!! takin it back to the ol school heck yeah man
sound was funky fly cool the graphics were superb and the concept is really cool well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

see its fun stuff like this and the howard dean scream that make me want to vote for democrats but as we all know it seems politics these days is all about old white dudes and that sucks until then eh whatever this was a pretty sweet little snippet!!!!!!!!!! dang i wish there was a cartoon series to go with it too

peace out

stp aka dr mayonnaise

Presidental Views Aside It's Great.

Personally, The flash was great but Al Gore. That guy doesnt even know what global warming is if it was in his face. He went around it the wrong way but this flash is great and funny. The graphics and sounds made it even better. keep it Up

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3.97 / 5.00

Apr 19, 2007
11:02 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody

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