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MD Virginia Tech Tribute

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Author Comments

I wanted to show my sympathy and support to the families and friends who had lost their loved ones on April 16th 2007. It was defiantly a tragedy and should never be forgotten, for it shows what hatred can do, but what love and faith can overcome!

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Good flash words at the end were a little fast for me, so I couldn't read them before they swiped away to the next set.


^^Good Points^^
A lot of pictures in here, most of which were decent quality. I also liked how you went from picture to picture.

^^Needs Improving^^
Honestly I don't like the whole tribute Flash thing. It's basically just an opportunity for people to get sympathy votes. This is no different, the filesize was huge for what was offered, and its basically just your average, generic tribute movie with a few pictures and sad music added.

After reading the review...

...that cried about how America blows up tragedies and pays homage to the dead. I'd like to say to him,"You Dick". If you have no feelings for what happened then move onto another flash. This author tried to put something out that is touching and honorable. He showed pictures of the unity of VT,..not pictures of the shooter. Sorry to the author,..but that review made me sick. Couldn't rate it high because it's technically not a flash. But your sentiments were felt. And after the garbage that people here submitted with a VT logo,...it was heartfelt. Thanks


the guy before me, i dont like that its the only thing on the news, cuz i live near va tech, but it was a big deal, notice the president came it might not be a big deal to u but it is for a whole lot of other people. so if one of ur sister or brothers died then, would u have still laughed, so u can stop being a dick and if u dont like it then dont watch the movies about it, and if u do then dont post shit becuase nobody wants to read it


Ins't it funny how nothing ever gets this kind of attention (Flashes and topics everywhere) unless it's in America? People died. It happens all the time. Why do people flashes for the families of 33 people when things that are alot worse happen elsehwere all the time? Oh wait, It's in AMERICA! Just like 9/11! This means it should be remembered for YEARS and no one can EVER take the piss out of it. Everyone has to make topics. I mean, it was in AMERICA.

Chechyna gets invaded. Iraq gets invaded. Diplomacy in the Middle East is fucked up. A school in Beslan gets fucked up. No real attention. 33 people. (THIRTY. THREE. ZOMG.) die in America and everyone cries.

On that day 33 Americans died. On that day I lol'd.

In before flames etc.

maddog6543 responds:

You know, I’m sorry you feel that way. I AM AN AMERICAN AND I SUPPORT MY COUNTRY AND FELLOW COUNTRYMEN! I have the right in this country to express myself, and I will do so as I please! I never said you have to watch my film, I never forced you to click the play button! Just because you may have no sympathy for you own people (considering the way it was written, I only assume you are from somewhere else) does not mean Americans can’t!

Credits & Info

4.00 / 5.00

Apr 19, 2007
2:45 AM EDT