Pac Adventure

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Pac Adventure. Dracula's Castle. Evil and scoundrelly Dracula kidnap Pac's girlfriend. There is nothing Pac may do except enter Dracula's awful castle to try find and release his sweetheart



Awesome game! I loved it. Very Pacman like, and even the music has that Pacman thing going on. I like the graphics, and ever more so the addictivness of the game. Truely a good game!
Keep 'em coming!

fun game

Got kinda boring after a little while but still a good game.


good game overall. a new kind of pacman (one with a real goal).
Was the "I just lost a life" sound Homer Simpson screaming?

Good game...

I really like it, reminds me of the original game... One question though, is this Firefox compatible, I keep getting errors.

Finished it with top score! 91000 ^_^

Good game, nice adaptation of a classic and very addictive.

The graphics were pleasant and the music suited it though it wouldnt hurt to perhaps tweak the same tune to a more sinsiter tone the deeper and deeper you progress through the castle.

I found that things moved much slower the more enemies there were on the page which was a bit annoying but I suppose it cant be helped too much.

At the end of the game, I found that I still had 1 red key left and I tracked back to try and find the red lock but didnt find one. I was pretty convinced that you wouldnt have made an extra key for no reason but I could be wrong. Not sure if that extra red key is meant to be there or not but its an annoyer for meticulous players like myself.

Overall very much enjoyed it and great job :)

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3.79 / 5.00

Apr 19, 2007
2:33 AM EDT
Adventure - Other