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Virginia Tech Shootout!

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Author Comments

Think about it. If I made a flash of dying children in Africa, would you care? Probably not. Most likely you would just sit, point and laugh. I know I would.

Leave the reviews of this movie alone!


Extremely bloody

Personal Opinion .: Messed up shit man, but hey that's what newgrounds is all about! The more fucked up and offensive your flash is , the better !!! I give it no later than 1 month and America won't even fuckin remember about this anymore !!! It's just that most people are too fuckin coward to admit it.

Flash Opinion .: It was very gory and violent . A violent flash for a violent tragedy. An almost perfect reenactment of the senseless bloodbath that was Virginia Tech . It was well animated too.
It could have been a lil' bit longer and the character should have killed all the 32 victims in different ways and THEN himself at the end but that's okay it's good enough as it is.

Oh , one more thing. Don't take any of the garbage that they might say about you or your work personally and keep on truckin'!

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There is an odd sort or art to this one. Not just another bloodfest. It actually said something.


Frankly, I didn't care that they all died; I hear about it all the time in the news. People die every day, it's only when it's a massacre that people care. Everyone fails to realize that school shootings are on the decline, and that we've all been desensitized to violence and death because of the war we're in right now. I didn't quite get the message behind your video other than "piss everyone off!"; if that was your main objective, by reading all the reviews? Mission accomplished.


The only big deal is that this happen a couple of days ago and in a week or so peaple will make fun of it just as other events in fact ive made fun of it on the very day it happened.. yea peaple die it happens every day what makes 33 peaple so special?
If you really wanted to offenend peaple you could of made it into a game as the shooter or maybe you could try to survive as the victim? eh. just some thoughts gj on the animation it was quite smooth and sound was pretty good.

This is a controversial topic

i like the flash in all but did you have to relaese this so quick. im not tryin to be an ass or anything but you should of waited a little bit longer to release this, like about a week after the shootings.overall i am pleased with the flash. the only thing you have to work on is your timing of releasment

Catoblepas responds:

Yeah. I have alvays been a bit off with the releasment. :D

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Credits & Info

2.78 / 5.00

Apr 18, 2007
4:35 PM EDT