Line Runner

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Time in Line Runner's world is the same as your computer clock, and it's harder to see at night. Set your clock to daytime if needed.

CURSOR: draw line-path
LEFT-CLICK: dodge up/down
ARROWS: adjust volume

Normal Mode: Get through this pre-made level as quick as possible.
Survival Mode: Run as far as you can, dodging Mecha Line Runner's attacks. Game over when lives run out.
Free Run: Plain old random stuff. Practice here or try to beat the highest average speed


nicely done but.....

as i said it is very nicly done must have taken you a wile but i belive i found a bug when you played free mode and crashed into stuff at a very high speed and also coleccet alot of this it froze the comeputer and like dint work.but job well done

Hard at first

but then gets easier when you play more.

Graphics:pretty good.(9)
Style:uh do you even see many flashes like this?(9)
Sound:not much to say.(9)
Violence:same as above.(9)
Interactivity:same as above.(9)
Humor:when you see someone running into mines at high speeds and not dying you have to laugh a bit.(5)


cool, nice idea it was funny but their was 2 many mines

p.s. that kid eats 2 much SUGAR :P

It Was Good

I had fun, but it got old after a while. All the modes are basically the same thing. I'm think you got this idea from Kirby: Canvas Curse?

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i gave it a 8 because it was a fair game and i was addicted to it i had to sign to review it when i was done.this is how to make it beter.multiplayer because thats whats in the spot light now.chosable characters,levels and a health bar.there should also be a ``boss``.

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4.03 / 5.00

Apr 18, 2007
9:21 AM EDT
Skill - Avoid