Line Runner

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Time in Line Runner's world is the same as your computer clock, and it's harder to see at night. Set your clock to daytime if needed.

CURSOR: draw line-path
LEFT-CLICK: dodge up/down
ARROWS: adjust volume

Normal Mode: Get through this pre-made level as quick as possible.
Survival Mode: Run as far as you can, dodging Mecha Line Runner's attacks. Game over when lives run out.
Free Run: Plain old random stuff. Practice here or try to beat the highest average speed



Great game! I especially liked the music! If it's a real song, what's it called and who's the band that plays it?

why did i only review NOW!

i've known this game for a long while, and it hasn't been outdated. oh no, its BRILLIANT! except i keep running into mine clusters. oh dear.

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you know that line rider commercial for mcdonalds? they kinda make a connection...

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This game is good, only that it's too fast and short. There should be more levels.

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This game had a very good idea but it wasn't executed very well. It was fast past nae exciting to play but that is what kind of made the game bad. It turned into a game of sheer luck which is the worst thing that can possibly be done with a game.

The most important change that should be made is one that will take the camera back. It is way to close the your charecter here and that makes it so you only have about half a second to react to a land mine thing and the paint brush can't even move that fast. Let us see far ahead of us. This NEEDS to be changed.

A lot needs to be changed with the paint brush to. First of all, why was it constantly shaking? Are we supposed to enjoy that because I sure didn't. It just further made the game about luck. I also don't know why we could only go up and down. I can't plan ahead if you can't draw the line around things because I am forced to only two directional moves.

Anyways this game had a lot of potential butr you just looked past some majour details thinking people wouldn't care. Well people do care and you passed up a chance to make a really legendary game. What can I say though, it was still entertaining the way it is, it could just be so much better.

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4.03 / 5.00

Apr 18, 2007
9:21 AM EDT
Skill - Avoid