Bunny Invasion

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Update 3 - 26/01/09 - The sequel has finished!!!
It won't be too long until the games been sponsored up and then it can go on newgrounds :)
P.S. - Whoever came up with the rage idea, well done, its in the game :P Nice one!
Update 2 - Work on the sequel has begun! It's gonna be much better than this one and alot harder! I'm hoping to have it finished some time soon. I've read loads of reviews and taken some good ideas from you all, thanks for all the nice comments too :)
Update 1 - Cursor fixed! Bugs fixed! Difficulty increased! Thanks for so many nice reviews :)
If you find any more bugs, please pm me on NG.
Choose from a range of 9 weapons and go mental on an army of evil bunnies that have broken out of a nearby research facility!
They're really angry after having they're tongues scraped and being cloned for scientific research n shit!
Take the role of Mr Frost, an inhabitant of a village taken siege by the evil army of bunnies!
Defend your house, upgrade your weapons, upgrade your house, even spread disease onto the little shits!!!

There are 50 levels packed full of 8 different types of bunny, ranging from suicide bombing bunnies to overweight pregnant bunnies that shoot pink squishy baby bunnies onto your house!!!
The game has taken a month and a bit to make, and is the first game I have released on NG.
I've included a couple extras for when you complete the game for a bit of replay value.
I hope you all enjoy it and rate it highly.


God damn last level...

Fairly fun but nothing special, its just too easy. On that last lvl when it says the Queen Bunny is coming and I should buy shitloads of ammo I clicked "Back" to buy more and when I clicked continue it just said I finished the game and I didnt even get to kil the Queen Bunny... Disappointed. All in all a very violent good defense game.

Easy Peasy

The game was fun... but it got a little tedious. The difficulty level needs to be raised.

At no point did I need to buy the uzi or shotgun, upgrading the dual pistols was enough to carry me through to get the rifle (and even past that). I only ever got the rocket launcher because I was having trouble spending all the money (and it was fun to explode bunnies).

Ultimately more bunnies need to attack given the power of the weapons.

Extremely addictive....

You have a bug in the prog, @ level 50 you have a note suggesting to buy as much ammo as you can to eliminate the queen bunnie.... When I hit the back button to buy more ammo (At this point I had over 300 bazooka rounds never used). Thinking you may step up the pace (the rabbits were too slow to be generated (more like sitting ducks)... I hit the back button and purchased more....
That is when an alternate screen appeared and informed me that all bunnies had been destroyed and a menu for 'alternate costumes" popped up...

It started the game over @ round 1 (That's frustrating)

You need to make the bunnies appear more frequently and in greater numbers as the game progresses.. I had all builder, anthrax, aids etc maxed out in the 20's rounds.....

Good game, addictive but a little slow...
pick up the speed incrementally and fix that bug and i'd have bestowed upon it a 10 for the sheer addictive nature of it...


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best game ever

this is a fantastic game the only bug occured when i was on lvl 38 or somthing like that when the enemies stoped comeing but still this is an awswem game it is going in my favorites. you should make another game similer to this except you should be able to move around like a side scroller. this game=#1 in my list


this game was a work of art. very well done.

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Apr 17, 2007
5:11 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed