Dog Daze of Boredom

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Siblings Ep. 3: Dog Daze of Boredom

It's just another day in the life of Spike, and that means barking at anything that moves, laying around, and putting up with Johny's neglect and Rob's idiocy.

There's a hidden play/pause button down in the bottom left corner of the screen in case you want to pause it for any reason. It kind of goofs up the audio sync, so be warned.

The scrapbook's last four pages are unviewable at this time due to an error in my coding. I'll fix it as soon as possible. Until then, if you wish to view the full version of the scrapbook, be sure to go to my site. There's a link to it on the main page.

So watch and enjoy. Don't be afraid to leave a review, I appreciate all the feedback I get. Truely.

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gotta HAND it to you

So many quotable lines here... I confess I use them a lot. And why doesn't the dad even turn or care when Spike flies? I think I'd turn to see it, everyone else did. Fuckin' epic, lol.

Bobert-Rob responds:

Yeah, quite a few quotables, huh? Shit, ever since I made these, my family members like to quote them a lot too. This one is like one of their favorites, especially the whole 'goin downtown' bit. And the dad not caring of Spike's flight? Well, he's too busy playing Solitaire, I guess. Thanks for the review!

yay the randomness!!!

I love how those two are always random!! its fucking great!!

wtf... ITS JOHNY!!!

why is spike so fond of johny? and could you maybe subtitle some of your older movies? because sometimes its a little hard to hear what they say.
but hey your doing a great job and i think this is like 10th or 11th time i see this and im not going to stop at the moment :)

Bobert-Rob responds:

Yeah, subtitles would be nice. It'd be too much work to put them into the older animations, though, sorry. I'd have to redo all the camera movement and I'd rather spend the time I got on new episodes. You know what the crazy thing is? Now that I DO have subtitles, the audio is becoming better sounding and easier to understand, but back when I DIDN'T have subtitles, the audio wasn't as good. It's like I spent the time to start using subtitles just to pretty much not need them... irony? What's that? Heh. Ain't gonna stop using subtitles now though, hell no. Anyway, uh... oh, Johny and Spike. Yeah, Johny's the only one who will pet Spike, so he's Spike's favorite. Guess I forgot to mention that. Ah well. Hey, thanks for the review!


That was hilarious, I didn't finish it cuz I g2g to school but duuuuoooeeedddses..aj kl
That rocked.
BEcause he can..

Bobert-Rob responds:

Well, glad you enjoyed the part you got to see! HAVE A GOOD DAY AT SCHOOL! And thanks for the review-in-a-hurry!



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Apr 17, 2007
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