S.C.B. Episode 1

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S.C.B. is an action packed series inspired by BARman's Field Command series, but unlike Field Command, S.C.B. is based around a single, ficticious, futuristic war.

P.S. Runs a little slower than i'd like but its mucho better than what normally happens!

And reviews welcome.
Oh and please vote! (cough five cough)


Nice,good,cool I like

Its good its really nice infact I enjoyed watching this. Like the other guy said but maby change the alian lasers to green XD well not that anything that I say matters but any ways. This is faily well done indeed and looked nice. The graphics I could care less about and they are okay. However I honestly think if you make the graphix really good then this would be a Daily 1st. unless u just wanna spend a little time and entertain people =) thats just fine with me.

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orochimaru556 responds:

Oh don't worry, im working harder on the next one, its a game too...also, per your request, i will change the alien lasers to green. Thx for your review.


yes. pretty good. it had some action, and choose you're own adventure. althoughe, it seemed like the ships could only fire when stopped. but other than that, nice.

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orochimaru556 responds:

Thx, and i'm working on a sequel..but it is going to have to wait for a little while..It's a whole choose your own adventure..

I liked it!

That was a pretty cool video. Unfortuantely, it was just that: a video. The game only lets you make one choice the entire time. Aside from that, the graphics were really good. I liked how you did several different angles of the battle, and it really was interesting. In the next episode, try to avoid have so many pauses. If you make the action nonstop, it will be much more attractive.

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orochimaru556 responds:

I know, that's why I classefied it as a movie...but the next ones will be all action based on desicions.

your future looks good

yes yes yes, i would change the font like Bassfire said, but I would also change laser color: the reason being that two sides with blue lasers might get a little confusing to the color blind (not that i am, just i gotta CB friend) i figure the human lasers should be red, cant wait till the ground combat comes.

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orochimaru556 responds:

Yeah I was thinking that myself, Thanks for the review...and the ground combat episode, and others after, are all chose your own adventure types..oh unless i make a Movie type instead for holidays or something..but good points..

pretty good

i like it overall with the choose your own adventure thing which of course i suck at.

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2.53 / 5.00

Apr 16, 2007
7:44 PM EDT